Friends of lady bird

Board Meeting- Lincoln Street

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 – 5:30 p.m.

Present:  Leonard Bentch, Ron Moerbe, Jimmy Lucaks, Anna Marie Kluber, Joe Kammlah,

            Betsy Nogueira and Judy Chase

Absent:  Jim Drewitz, Bryan Davis, Jerry Fischer, Gerald Gold, Al Bickle

Guests:  ex-officio board member Alan Wooley, PGA, Director of Golf. at Lady Bird

Meeting was called to order at 5:35 by president Leonard Bentch

Minutes were reviewed and accepted as printed.

Treasurer’s Report showed deposits of $350 in new memberships, yielding a balance of

$2,177.47.   Outstanding bills and proposed expenditures take our balance below


Leonard welcomed new members Anna Marie Kluber, Joe Kammlah, Betsy Nogueira, Al Bickle,

Bryan Davis and Jim Drewitz.  He welcomed our new D.O.G. and ex-officio board member Alan



Election of Officers- President:  Leonard Bentch

                                 Vice President:  Jerry Fischer

                                 Treasurer:  Betsy Nogueira

                                  Secretary:  Judy Chase

Nominations were made, seconded and all passed.  Congratulations to the new officers!


Leonard highlighted the general business meeting focusing upon the ratification of the bylaws.

He contacted Roberts Rules to determine where these ratified bylaws should appear and was told that the bylaws are part of the minutes.  The official copy of the Bylaws should be re-edited to include the revisions and amendments in a single document .  The dates of ratification and amendments should be stated on the revised document Bag tags:  Jimmy Lukacs and Alan Wooley reported

            Alan is still working on a design (1 side FOLB and the other, Lady Bird)

            Still need a price quote

            Hope that we will have a facsimile of the tag by Sunday’s MGA tournament

Membership update:  we have 81 members with 31 paid for 2011

            We are seeking people in the business community to become part of FOLB

            Chamber of Commerce – funded by local business memberships.  FOLB is one

                        of those members.  Chamber is now in a period of transition as it searches

                        for a new leader.

            As soon as we have our FOLB/Lady Bird bag tags, we’ll make a “push” for


            Alan has agreed to give FOLB counter space for our tags/info and will have his

                        staff collect FOLB membership fees, thereby giving “his blessing” to our efforts.

            Branding will be very important to the future of FOLB.  We need to get out into the

                        community and “introduce” ourselves through information and the sale of                                       our bag tags.  Perhaps one way would be to purchase one of the

                        $100 tables for the Chamber’s monthly Fun After Five events.

            Leonard thanked Alan for allowing us to serve drinks at the January General Member-

                        ship Meeting.

            He congratulated Cindy Fischer for the great job she is doing to develop the LGA portion

                        of the FOLB website. … ( which is linked to LBJ,

                        Chamber and CVB websites).  Ron Moerbe is in charge of detailing the history

                        of the SSMGA


How is FOLB Adding Value to Lady Bird Golf Course?

            Hosting a tournament dedicated to improving “something” at the course

            FOLB should approach the City Council for a portion of the bed tax to use for marketing

                        (none of this tax has ever been allocated to the golf course before)

            Jimmy Lukacs recommended to Alan that Lady Bird might host a women’s tournament including teams of four from each of several golf clubs (to         include merchants in town open for shopping in the evenings)

            Central Texas Golf Fest:  Alan suggests that this tournament is a good fund raiser for San Marcos, Seguin, and New Braunfels.  The field is so large as to require double tee all day for 3 days (2-man teams).  What is important is that this type tournament would bring “heads to beds”.  Many suggestions for how to partner with local businesses were discussed.

                        Leonard suggested that discounts might be made available for players if they

                        stay at a certain place.  Jim Drewitz, Joe Kammlah and Jerry Fischer (wine

                        expert) would be a good trio to flesh out these ideas…

Alan noted  that the North Texas PGA hosts the Women’s State Open.  There is an opportunity to bring that tournament to Fredericksburg which would be a good match since we have sufficient local resources of hotels, restaurants, central location, etc.  

FOLB has developed and hopes to maintain a close working relationship with UTSA and Dr. Dave Bojanic whose Business School grad students have performed both intercept and post experience surveys in Fredericksburg.  Unfortunately, city staff did not persistently pursue having the post experience surveys completed and after the initial three months, did not send the completed surveys to UTSA for analysis.  Another issue to consider is that city staff never tendered the agreed upon payment of $2000 to UTSA.    However, Dr. Bojanic remains interested in having his students participate in our marketing plans. 



Alan announced that the City Council has modified the Jeff Blume’s Master Plan which he just received and has not yet had an opportunity to study . Alan has selected representatives from the golf organizations and FOLB  ( Jack Garner, Adam Stafford, Jerald Gold, Leonard Bentch, and Anna Marie Kluber) to serve on a Strategic Planning Committee along with city representatives (Gary Neffendorf, Brian Jordan, Shelly Ross, Brian Roeder) and Jeff Blume.  Alan wants the committee to consider Mr. Blume’s Master Plan and to prioritize the work which will require capital infusion from Countil.  He wishes the committee to consider  a  1,2,  5 and up to 20-year plan of action.  This group will initially meet on March 1 and will likely require at least 3 meetings to develop a work product for presentation to Council..

Leonard asked Alan what does the architect’s master plan look like and what is the scope of work included in his charge?  Alan responded that he hasn’t had an opportunity to study it, but it will detail deficiencies on the golf course, several alternative plans including the need for an updated  the maintenance facility, cart barn, cart paths, movement to electric carts as well as turf and playability issues.

Leonard brought up the hope and expectation for community involvement based upon past experiences with course designers here at Lady Bird. He mentioned concerns about the local conditions of soil and water and that these will have an impact on the design and cultural practices required to maintain new constructions.  Alan noted that Mr. Wallendorf (head of the Water Dept.) is putting together a

Detailed inclusive plan concerning the pump station, the water quality, the possibility of adding sulfur to the water at the golf course and the ability to use fresh water wells on the golf course property to dilute the effluent water.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to adjourn the meeting.  We adjourned at 7:09 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Judy Chase, Secretary

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