FOLB Board Meeting Minutes July 12, 2011


July Board
Meeting – Lincoln  Street

Tuesday, July 12,
2011 – 5:30 p.m.

Present:  Leonard Bentch, Anna Marie Kluber, Jimmy
Lukacs, Jerald Gold, Joe Kammlah, Jerry Fischer,

Betsy Nogueira, Ron Moerbe  and  Judy

Ex-Officio Member
present:   Alan Wooley

Absent:  Al Bickle, Jim Drewitz, Brian Davis, Bruce



Betsy Nogueira reported a balance of $1,267.82 with a check to the
Chamber of

Commerce membership renewal ($125)
written and ready to go.

Betsy further advised us that 9
people still owe on their bag tags and  3
have over-paid.

will gain approximately $900 from the GolfMarathon sponsored and put on by Alan
Wooley, funds to be used for
Junior Golf.


Junior Golf:
Ron Moerbe turned the report over to Alan Wooley.  24 kids participated in the first golf
camp.  Edwin, Janie, Shelly, David Blake
and Renee Pearson assisted him with the project.  Games were used as a teaching technique.  The “coaches” are checking their schedules
now to  see if another “camp”

can be offered
later in the summer. Etiquette and rules were taught daily.

Alan announced
that approximately $900 will be coming to FOLB as a result of  the golf marathon.

Emil Hale will
allow the FHS golf team to play Boot Ranch 1 day weekly during the school year.

:  Jimmy Lukacs asked Alan to contact him prior
to the budget committee meeting  as he
will have suggestions for consideration.
He reported that a visiting pro played Lady Bird today and was highly
impressed with the improvements made since Alan’s arrival.

Pro Shop:  A good men’s shirt sale is
underway – buy 2 shirts and get a free pair of shorts!

The Ping Fitting System and Launch Monitor
are now in place.  Ron Moerbe gave a
thumbs-up; as a result of his consultation, he ordered some new clubs!

This Friday Lady Bird will host the Thomas
Michael Riley “Cow Pasture Pool Golf Tournament” to benefit Wounded
Warriors.  A 4-person scramble will cost
$75/person and will see a shotgun start at 9 AM.

Included in the
entry fee will be a complimentary lunch, a CD and individual tickets to the 4th
Annual Thomas Michael Riley Music Festival in Luckenbach Friday night.

Monday, July 18th at 7 PM at
the Law Enforcement Center- City Council Meeting with Gary Neffendorf’s

presentation on the funding options for
the golf course renovation.  All come and
wear pink!

Lady Bird will host the Ladies  4-Ball tournament on Thursday, July 21st
at 9 AM.


2011, wine and golf event
:  Joe Kammlah announced that it would be held
the first weekend of December, to coincide with the Friday Night Christmas
parade and the Holiday Tour of Homes sponsored by the Historical Society.  Joe and Jerry have been working closely with
the CVB and Wine Road 290.  The plan is
to follow the golf tournament with a tour of three wineries.  Alan will be in touch with Ernie Loeffler to
make sure this event gets onto the CVB calendar.  We are hopeful that Jim Drewitz will be able
to offer us marketing ideas as the time grows closer.


Leonard posed the question:  “Does FOLB want/need to renew our Chamber of
Commerce membership?”  After some
meaningful discussion, the answer was a resounding “YES”.  Send the check, Betsy!  Jerry pointed out that with Alan’s arrival,
FOLB’s oversight   activities have been minimized; we are now
free to focus more on public relations and marketing.  Examples include FOLB   participation
in Fun After Five events where we can educate other Chamber members about the
exciting changes taking place out at Lady Bird.
Joe Kammlah, past president of the Chamber, suggests that we visit with
the individual members of the Chamber Board, educating them as to WIIFM…(what’s
in it for me)

It was suggested that perhaps FOLB should
consider hosting a Fun After Five event in our very own Cardinal Room.

Motion made,
seconded and passed to continue membership in the Chamber


Jerry Fischer reviewed then read aloud the
City Council Resolution passed on March 2, 2009. With the hiring of Director of
Golf Alan Wooley, our role has changed dramatically.  His expertise has relieved us of many of our
initial “duties” of oversight of operations.  The decision is to provide a report of the
changes at Lady Bird under Alan’s management.




City Council
voted unanimously to accept the Master Plan presented by Alan Wooley.  Council also voted unanimously to accept the
City Manager’s suggestion that he be directed g to explore a variety of funding
packages for the golf course renovation.

The board acknowledged public support for the
strategic planning process and the Master Plan both at the public Town Hall
meetings and at the most recent City Council meeting.  In addition, the board acknowledged  the leadership shown by city council in
addressing many of golf course “issues” identified over the past year:  the hiring of a professional Director of Golf,
Alan Wooley,  and the  adoption of the Master Plan.

In further
discussion, the board suggests that FOLB’s role becomes more of a supporting
role to our D.O.G.  with emphasis on marketing/branding
of our club, fundraising, and engagement of local businesses to support
tourism.   FOLB we must become educators  to our community concerning the economic  benefits to having a fine golf course..  It becomes an attractor to business
development, youth development and tourism!

City Council will
need to decide whether it will fund the vision and how best to do so.  In considering how to proceed, the board felt
that that business leaders, such as  James
Kemp, president of Security Bank, and lodging owners such as the Inn on Baron’s
Creek would provide the best information for Council members.  Council may also benefit from further
discussion with Jay Jones because of his role as a  credible petitioner with his background in
banking, his interest in golfing and his business in town!

Leonard met with
Gary Neffendorf and Alan Wooley to discuss funding issues.  In accordance with this discussion, Leonard
spoke with Cindy Scroggins at HCSB and Tony Klein at Arrowhead Bank to discuss
the possibility of local bank loans.
Both institutions are interested in pursuing a bank relationship with
the City for golf course funding.

Joe Kammlah
emphasized caution ~ don’t get the cart before the horse!  Remind councilmen that bond elections are
expensive in and of themselves!  Leonard
noted that he had asked Gary to discuss with Council he cost of bond elections
and the fees incurred with bonds.

Ron Moerbe moved
to adjourn, his motion was seconded and it passed.

Meeting was
adjourned at 7:20 p.m.


Judy Chase,

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