FLGA Tournament Winners for May 2011

May 5th – 100 Yards In

 1st Place TieAnna Mills and Chris Tegeler

            * Both had chip-ins       May 17th – 4 Ball at Blue Lake



May 17th – Traveling 4-Ball at Blue Lake

            2nd Place                                 3rd Place

            Anna Marie Kluber                 Beverly Pesek

                                                                Ann Armentrout

May 19th – Scramble

             1st Place Team                                    2nd Place Team – Tie

            Ann Armentrout                     Cindy Fischer              Betsy Nogueira        

            Anna Mills                              Beverly Pesek               Judy Chase

            Laura Buehn                           Maureen O’Rourke     Anne Matthews

 * Chip-In – Anna Mills

May 26th – T’s and F’s with 1/2 Handicap

           1st Place                                  2nd Place                                             3rd Place

            Della Potucek                         Anna Mills                                          Betsy Nogueira

 * Chip-In – Ann Armentrout

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