NEWSLETTER:  DECEMBER 2011



Agenda:  Discussion of results of the membership survey establishing program priorities for 2012 and election of Members of the Board of Directors.   Beer and wine will be provided.

FOLB CELEBRATES ITS 3ND BIRTHDAY JANUARY 1.  2011 has been an active and productive year.  We would never have predicted three years ago that so much would change at Lady Bird Golf Course.  Your board has heard and acted upon your consistent message:  Work together to make Lady Bird as good as she can be.  This coming year will witness dramatic and dynamic changes in our beautiful Hill Country jewel.  We have big plans for FOLB to raise the visibility and importance of golf in Fredericksburg. Thanks for your support and confidence.

MEMBERSHIP:   Thanks to all of you, FOLB has grown to 131 active members.  The FOLB Bag Tag program was very successful:  128 personalized tags were created and are being proudly displayed.  We expect to continue the FOLB Bag Tag on an annual basis both as a premium for membership and a way to enhance our public visibility.  Other premiums also in the works include a unique and beautiful FOLB Silver Ball Marker.

MEMBERSHIP SURVEYIn order to provide even better service to our members, Lady Bird, and our community, your FOLB board has authorized a Membership Survey, which you can access through the internet.  Please take the time and give us your input. The link for the survey is:

JUNIOR GOLFWe have raised over $1688.40 this year to support our Junior Golf Program.  The funds resulted from The funds will provide golf equipment, practice and competition opportunities, and higher-level teaching for juniors with talent and demonstrated work ethic.   Future plans include opportunities for juniors who have no access to golf, a formal relationship with the schools and a dedicated teaching facility.

GREENS AND GRAPESWorking with Becker, Pedernales Cellars, and Grape Creek Wineries, FOLB has established the Greens and Grapes Event.  The plan is to tie together premium wine tours with competitive golf at Lady Bird with the goal of bringing out – of- towners to Fredericksburg for a two night weekend stay. We hoped to sponsor our first Greens and Grapes Event this year, but decided to reschedule until after Lady Bird reconstruction and the opportunity to find a weather friendly mid-fall date.  We hope Greens and Grapes to be a big annual event which will further provide support for our Junior Golf programs

ANNUAL REPORT:  In compliance with the City Council Resolution of March 2009, FOLB submitted a detailed report on the status of golf and on the Lady Bird Golf Course in August 2011.  The report included a review of current operations, financial management and budgetary processes, responses to the recommendations in the 2010 report, and recommendations for 2012.  Your board considered and debated the elements of the report over several months, ultimately reaching a unanimous consensus.  As occurred last year, City Council accepted this year’s report in its entirety and publically stated its appreciation for our work. We are very proud that, our Annual Reports of 2010 and 2011 provided the information and outline for City Council’s determination to improve accountability and value for Lady Bird.

LIVE OAK CREEK:  Following up on our successful Riparian Seminar last year, FOLB has continued to learn more about remediation of our beautiful Live Oak Creek which provides so much of Lady Bird’s magical Hill Country feel.  After consultation with representatives of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Natural Resource and Conservation Service, and the LCRA, in addition to Jeff Blume (golf course architect), our Director of Golf, Alan Wooley, PGA and the Native Plant Society, FOLB provided recommendations for improving drainage of Stink Creek.  These improvements serve to enlarge the flood plain of both Stink Creek and Live Oak Creek thus limiting flooding and potential damage to the golf course.  By planting the creek banks with native specimens, the improvement will limit run off, stabilize the riparian environment as well as enhance the natural beauty of our public park.

DIRECTOR OF GOLF: In October, 2010, City Council separated the Golf Department from the Parks and Recreation Department, designating a new position:  Director of Golf.  Accepting the reports of both the Council appointed Vision Committee and Search Committee, City Council authorized the city manager to hire Alan Wooley, PGA, who assumed responsibilities as our first Director of Golf February 17, 2011. As recommended by FOLB, Alan enthusiastically embraced an inclusive and transparent Strategic Planning process.  The Master Plan was accepted by City Council and is the basis for the $1.8M reconstruction program to begin in January.  More recently, he has added Bill Hanna to the team as Golf Course Agronomist.  In just a few months, Alan has brought a new spirit and culture to Lady Bird.  Putting into place industry standards plus his own style based upon extensive training and experience, Alan is working to make Lady Bird the premium municipal golf course in the Texas.

THE FUTUREYour Board takes very seriously our responsibility to provide an annual report on golf and Lady Bird to City Council.  We believe our efforts represent the highest form of citizen participation in government and that our reports have set a benchmark for other organizations.  We appreciate the confidence City Council has shown FOLB.  We will continue to provide an independent assessment of golf in our community, provide opportunities for juniors, act as ombudsman for golf related issues, and work with the CVB, Chamber of Commerce and local businesses to increase tourism.  Importantly, we remain focused on providing an affordable golf venue for residents and a value added venue for visitors.

FOLB needs your active involvement for your organization to continue to be a positive force in our community.  Your board appreciates your support.  We want to hear from you about all that we are doing.  Please consider taking a leadership position:  become a Board Member.

Happy Holidays!

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