FOLB Board Minutes: April 11, 2011


Board meeting – Lincoln Street

Monday, April 11, 2011 – 5:30 p.m.
Present :  Leonard Bentch, Jimmy Lukacs, Ron Moerbe, Anna Marie Kluber, Gerald Gold and

Judy Chase

Absent:  Betsy Nogueira, Jerry Fischer, Joe Kammlah, Al Bickle, Bryan Davis and Jim Drewitz

Guest:  Ex-officio board member Alan Wooley, PGA, Director of Golf

President Leonard Bentch called the meeting to order at 5:40

Minutes were read and approved

Treasurer’s Report :  checks were written to LBJGC and to our website developer for a total of

$506.25  in expenses.  One new membership was added which brought our balance to



Bag Tags:  Our total number of tags sold is near 100.  Alan has placed the order and it should

arrive by the end of the week.  The purpose for these tags is to help FOLB with branding

and to attract new members.  Discussion followed and Alan suggested that FOLB offer to

sponsor a hole (cost: $300) for the May 21st ST. Mary’s Tournament; in return, we can

sell our bag tags.  Jimmy Lukacs moved and Ron Moerbe seconded the motion that

FOLB spend the $300 to sponsor a hole and Alan Play a Hole in the tournament.  Motion             passed.  Cheerleaders and representatives of FOLB will be present to sell “Play with the

Pro”   chances as well as bag tags.

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting:  minutes posted at

I.R.S  :  Leonard reported that FOL B will have to electronically certify directors annually.

Alan’s Wish List for Lady Bird:

Junior Golf – clubs for juniors who take clinics or camps ($500)

Scoreboards:  $5,000

Practice Facility for teaching:  $75,000

Embroidered Flags for Tournaments (showing distance): $2,000

Flat Screen TV for the Red Bird Grill:  $500

Other:  Starter Podium and Landscaping  endowments

Fall Golf Tournament:  discussion of whether we should (1) host a tournament to support

targeted course projects, or (2)  lend our support to the MGA Tournament to benefit

cancer research in memory of several MGA wives lost to the disease  or(3) could we do both…  Alan pointed out that weather in December can be iffy, but might work to our advantage if we could tie in with merchants on Main Street.  Jimmy Lukacs will discuss possibilities with Joe Kammlah and report back to the board.  We were reminded, for planning purposes that the course may well be closed February –August, 2012.

Other topics Leonard and Alan Discussed earlier:

Dr. Bojanic needs to make his plans for the school year.  While  the course is closed for        construction, the UTSA students could work on  a marketing plan for Lady Bird.  Alan is

very receptive to their input.  Further, Alan inherited his budget and could possibly pay

Dr. Bojanic the monies owed  out of that “pot”.

Artwork in the clubhouse:  Judy will contact local artists to see if they would be willing to hang their work (either for sale, or not) in the clubhouse.  Alan would have right of refusal, naturally.

Native Plant Society:  As we develop our plan for the course, invite them back for their

input and possible involvement.  Also, Jimmy Lukacs mentioned that we might consider

contacting the horticulture teacher at the middle school for support.

Live Oak Community:   Leonard pointed out that this would bring experts for free to discuss and explore the hydrology of our area.  Alan prefers to talk with Tom Hammer, to “feel” him out before committing to presentations, etc.  He feels that a conference on

the creek is good, but the timing is bad right now!

Audubon International Certification:  (system by which you do environmental practices/counts of birds, etc…)  Alan  regards this as a great program, one that may be a 5-year goal.

Leonard pointed out that the more we show City Council that we are doing, the better.  He continued by saying that it is indeed proper that to have a long-term plan that we continue to “work”.


Alan thanked the board for inviting him and gave a brief update on course happenings:

*M &S Engineering is putting together a package for the new pump house and station.

The architecture will match that of the clubhouse.

*He met with John Penalosa, the new volunteer coordinator (contacts include Aggie Club, Rotary, etc).

*Met with Janie and Edwin regarding 1 really good golf camp.  Also met with Carol Reeh

at Community Ed.

*Verticut collars today (first time in 20 years).

*New Mower and verticut units for mower (fairways)

*Hand-watered greens last week for the first time.

*Course will be closed Mon/Tues, April 18th and 19th for aeration of the greens.

*Alan has talked with the Boot Ranch mechanic to see if he’d like to grind our reels up at

B.R.  Perhaps we could pay him $100/week to do this since they have the equip-

ment and we do not.

With no other business to discuss, the motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed.

We adjourned at 7:15.

Respectfully submitted:

Judy Chase, Secretary

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