General Membership Meeting Minutes: January 25, 2011


General Membership Meeting

Lady Bird Golf Club – Cardinal Room

 Tuesday, January 25, 2011 – 7:00 p.m.

President Leonard Bentch called the meeting to order at approximately 7 p.m. with 48 people in attendance.

The minutes from the March 9, 2010, General Membership meeting were read and approved.

Dennis Phillips reported a treasury balance of $1,827.47.

Leonard introduced City Manager Gary Neffendorf who reviewed the exciting events which have occurred in recent months.

In October, 2010, City Council decided to hire a Director of Golf (D.O.G.) and selected a Vision Committee .   PGA professional Bill Keyes assisted the city in its search by overseeing the interview process.  50 qualified individuals applied for the position; eight were interviewed; two were invited back for more in-depth conversation and Alan Wooley was offered  and accepted the position.   Gary introduced   Alan to the membership and turned over the floor to him.

After thanking Gary, members of the City Council (Bjorn Kirchdorfer and Graham Pearson were present) and the selection committee (3 of whom were in attendance- Ann Armentrout, Jerry Fischer and Dennis Kusenburger) for the opportunity to serve at Lady Bird,  Alan gave us a brief biographical sketch :  he grew up in OK, has been married for 26 years, has 2 teenaged children and is delighted to be in Fredericksburg!

Alan’s initial assessment of the Lady Bird course:

l.   Beautiful clubhouse

2.  Great support from the city

3.  1.5 million visitors to Fredericksburg annually

4.  Geographic position of our course- no competition right next door

5.  The course looks old and needs a face lift

Gary  took  over following the “looks old” assessment.    The city has hired Jeff  Blume to look again at holes # 7 and #8.  City Council has amended his contract to include an assessment of all 18 holes with any approved construction to take place in 2012.  Q. and A followed:

Q:   Will Jeff Blume take the oak wilt issue into consideration  as he creates his master plan?


Q:   Will he seek consensus by gathering input from everyone?

A:   Meetings will be held at which J. B. will offer several ideas and seek golfer input.

Q:   Will we re-do all 18 greens?

A:  “not set in concrete”

Q:   Alan, what physical feature did other courses have that Lady Bird does not?

A:  Ours is a beautiful tract which simply needs a facelift.

Q:   Alan, what do you see as the #1 way in which to make Lady Bird more profitable?

A:  Increase the # of rounds played.  Most people will not drive more than 30 miles to play a

round of golf, so we need to step up our marketing efforts in those cities from which our

visitors are coming (1.5 million last year).

Q:  Alan, what product changes do you see for the pro shop?

A:  For one thing, more golf clubs will be available.  I am trained to “fit” clubs…

  • Mrs. Pearson suggested stocking more golf towels as they make good gifts.

Alan touched upon his plan to expand the Lady Bird website to include the ability to take on-line tee times!

Q:  What, Alan, is your impression of the Lady Bird Grill?

A:  “… a nice room needs acoustic dampening and a 2nd TV!”

Q:  Alan, have you plans for Junior Golf?

A:  I enjoy working with children did join Emil Hale for the Tuesday youth golf

clinic.  There weren’t many youngsters there, however, due to the cold weather.

Q:  What about equipment donations?

A:  Bring them in!  If we cannot use them, 1st Tee of San Antonio certainly can!

Q:  Is there a timeline for completing construction?

A:  Gary explained that if the plan is to “fix” holes # 7 and #8 and re-do all greens, he will take it

to the City Council, roll it into a bond package and do it all in 2012.

Old Business:

Leonard presented the changes to the bylaws (as had been e-mailed previously).  Motions were made,

seconded and voted upon to pass all changes as e-mailed.

New board members were elected:  Anna Marie Kluber, Jim Drewitz and Joe Kammlah.

New presidents of the golfing groups will also be joining the board:  Betsy Nogueira (LGA), Bryan Davis (MGA) and Al Bickle (SSMGA).  Welcome one and all!

New Business:

Jerry Fischer retraced the steps we’ve taken as an organization.  Beginning in ’08, we knew that our golf course was an extraordinary piece of real estate.  Our role to date has been primarily an advisory role to the city.   Now, we see it changing to one of support.   As D.O.G., Alan will tell us how FOLB can help…  Our ability to communicate our enthusiasm for Lady Bird can kindle great community support.

Last year Lady Bird hosted 32,000 rounds of golf, about 40% of the available tee times.  Ideally, we hope to increase play to use 60% of those tee times.

Additional Questions arose:

Q:  Do we need new equipment?

A:  Alan responded that it’s too bad that we lack an on-sight mechanic to keep our current

equipment up and running!

Q: Will we adopt the Ghin System of handicapping this year?

A: Alan responded that Ghin is the goal for next year as it’s too late this year.  He looks forward

to sending Lady Bird golfers to state competitions where Ghin handicaps are required.

 Other Business:

Councilman Bjorn  Kirchdorfer congratulated FOLB for the job it has done, recognizing that it has not always been easy.   He indicated that he’s encouraged by where we’re going!

A motion was made, seconded and passed to adjourn.   We adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Chase, Secretary

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