FOLB Board Minutes: February 2012


Board Meeting – Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club

February 7, 2012 – 5:30 p.m.

Present:  Jerry Fischer, Anna Marie Kluber, Ann Armentrout, Buzz Roye, Alan Wooley, Jeff Jeffers, Jim Drewitz, Bill Lindemann, Jerald Gold, Ron Moerbe and Judy Chase.

Absent:  Leonard Bentch, Jimmy Lukacs, Joe Kammlah, Mark Seitz, Hershal Byrd, Ernie Loeffler, Al Bickle, Bruce Reeh and Brian Davis.

Vice  President Jerry Fischer called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm. He asked the board to introduce themselves to new members in attendance.

Minutes of the January board meeting were approved as electronically transmitted.  Ron Moerbe moved to accept them, Jim Drewitz seconded and the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: no report give

Election of Officers:  Leonard Bentch –President

Jerry Fischer – Vice President

Judy Chase – Secretary

Ann Armentrout – Treasurer

Jeff Jeffers moved to elect the officers as nominated; Ron Moerbe seconded the motion and it passed.

Junior Golf:  Ron Moerbe contacted Lance Moffett, athletic director at the middle school, to set up a golf outreach

for students.  Mr. Moffett directed Ron to Janie Schneider Gymes and Alan interjected that the program could possibly meet more often than just once a month.

Club House Committee:  Jim Drewitz made a motion  to dissolve this committee since we now have Alan onboard.  Jeff Jeffers seconded the motion and it passed handily.

D.O.G.’s  Report:  Alan explained the responsibilities of a Greens Committee at a private club ~ budget, upper echelon maintenance personnel and course playability  issues.  Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Golf Course obviously does not fit this model, but a variation of a Greens Committee could certainly fulfill an advisory function here. It could bring forward recommendations to the FOLB Board regarding course playability, for one thing.  The make-up of the committee would reflect, ideally, all segments of our golfing community.  Buzz Roye summarized by saying that the 3 golf associations would have a formal avenue through which ideas could flow; members of the greens committee could pass ideas up the chain and could also be the conduit for passing on information to the larger population. Jerry Fischer confirmed that Alan is in favor of the scope described in our discussions and flexible on the terms of committee members’ service.  Alan asked that the board think about it for a month and we’ll revisit the issue in March.

GHIN Handicap Committee:   Alan asked if FOLB would care to oversee this committee .  It would be made up of a

chairman plus representatives from the various golfing groups at Lady Bird.  It would  centralize the handicapping  discussion and uniformly “police” where required .

Lady Bird Construction Tours:  first tour will be Thursday, February 16th at 5 p.m.  Construction is ON SCHEDULE.

Bud White (Director, USGA Mid-Continent Region) will return in June for another ½ day tour of the course.
Afterward, he’ll write another report offering invaluable , though non-binding, advice for our staff.

Our bunkers WILL use liners and will be hand-raked.

We are acquiring a walking greens mower for clean- up maintenance .

Jerry Fischer asked Alan if the cost of oxadiazon concerned him; Alan replied that it does not concern him and, in fact, he may have crews mix  Roundup with it to kill remaining fairway grass.

Alan summarized Bud White’s visit  on January 16th by saying that Bud is quite enthusiastic about the design, the grass choices and our plan here at Lady Bird!


Audubon Certification:  Bill Lindemann from the Nature Center educated board members on some of the requirements for Audubon Certification. Among them were providing “natural areas”, water conservation practices, reduced use of chemicals, habitat building…  He pointed out that plans should be made NOW … BEFORE all of the brush/understory growth (which provides shelter to birds and small animals) is removed as part of the course renovation.  Regrowth takes time, time we can save by planning ahead right now. Bill recommended that Alan fill out the planning form immediately  in order that we have a “map” leading Lady Bird directly to Audubon Certification.  During the construction phase,  we could put in place artificial nest boxes for birds and other feeding stations. They will have most of the year to “establish their territories” without masses of people disturbing them.  Perhaps they would choose to stay when golfers return!

Alan reminded the board of the prestige of earning Audubon Certification ~ only 23 courses in Texas have earned it and fewer than 10 are municipal courses!

Jerry suggested, due to the time, that we table the membership issues until the next meeting.  Follow-up discussions will take place, also, on the Handicap Committee, the Greens Committee and Audubon Certification.  Bag Tags will also be finalized.

Buzz Roye took the opportunity to thank Alan for securing the great rates at other clubs during our renovation.

Jeff Jeffers moved to adjourn; Ron Moerbe seconded the motion and it passed,

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Chase, Secretary

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