Minutes: FOLB Board May 2012


Board Meeting – Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club

May 8, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Present:  Shelly Ross, Bill Lindemann, Anna Marie Kluber, Ann Armentrout, Jeff Jeffers, Mark Seitz

Ron Moerbe, Jerald Gold, Buzz Roye, Jerry Fischer, and Judy Chase.

Absent:  Leonard Bentch, Jimmy Lukacs, Alan Wooley, Jim Drewitz, Hershal Byrd, Joe Kammlah, Bruce

Reeh,  Ernie Loeffler,  Al Bickle, and Brian Davis


Jerry Fischer, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.

Minutes:  Ron Moerbe moved to accept the March minutes (no April meeting) as electronically transmitted;  Jerald Gold seconded the motion and it passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Ann Armentrout reported a ledger balance of $ 2807.42. The two subaccounts are as follows:  FOLB: $1,170.27. FOLB Foundation:  $1637.15.

STRUCTURE OF THE GREEN COMMITTEE – D.O.G.  Alan Wooley’s  vision: 

Purpose:  The F.O.L.B. charter calls for the formation of a green committee;  however, the make-up and scope of this committee was never defined.  Traditionally, a municipal  facility does not have a green committee, but in Lady Bird Johnson’s case, with the larger membership and active organizations, a green committee may be a good communication vehicle between management and the golf organizations.

Committee make-up:

Chairman  (elected by the  F.O.L.B.  board of directors) 4 year term with no option to renew;

however,  they may remain on the committee if elected to one of the other seats.

Association Representatives:  1 each from the LGA, MGA and SSMGA to be elected or appointed by their respective associations.  3 year terms overlapping  to allow for 1 new committee member each year.

At-Large Member:  1 appointed by the  F.O.L.B. President to serve a 2 year term.

1 Representative from the nature society (ex-officio)

Golf Course Superintendent (ex-officio)

Director of Golf (ex-officio)

Meeting Schedule:  1 meeting per month on a regular date TBD after input from committee members. members.

Scope:  The Green Committee will provide feedback concerning playing conditions such as mowing heights, green speeds, tee placement, etc.

Within the budgetary constraints of Lady Bird Johnson G.C. , recommendations made by the committee will be attempted.

The committee has no input concerning personnel decisions or budgetary control.

The Green Superintendent will provide educational materials to the committee concerning cultural practices, equipment usage and industry trends.

With the above in mind, Ron Moerbe nominated the following members to serve 3 year, over-lapping terms on the committee:  Donna Henke (LGA), Mark Seitz (MGA), Bill Armentrout (SSMGA), Bill Hannah (Superintendent) , Alan Wooley (D.O.G.), Bill Lindemann  (nature society) and Chairman, Ron Moerbe. The only remaining possible member would be one at-large position appointed by Leonard Bentch to serve a 2-year term.  Jerry Fischer defers to  to Alan’s view about the committee, since it is Alan who will be interacting with the committee and entertaining their suggestions..  It was moved by Ron Moerbe to accept the plan and Jeff Jeffers seconded the motion .  It passed.

HANDICAP COMMITTEE  discussion:  purpose of this committee is to settle disputes which arise over handicap issues.  Jimmy Lukacs is trained for the position of Chairman and is also a potential representative of MGA.  Discussion revolved around make-up of the committee and it was suggested that one rep from each of the golf organizations plus Jimmy in the dual role as rep/Chairman.  Should he prefer a larger odd-number of committee members, he will bring that to the board’s attention next month.

AUDUBON GOLF COURSE CERTIFICATION discussion:  Jerry Fischer kicked off the discussion by expressing personal concern over the “central control/global community” feel to  the international organization.    He perceived some of the founding principles of the organization and related organizations had a real “political feel” to them, an agenda which we may not fully subscribe to here at Lady Bird.  Bill Lindemann added that he has observed the politicization of the preservation of habitat.  Mark Seitz pointed out that he hesitates to turn over local control to a national organization.   Buzz Roye pointed out that it only costs $200 annually and adds positively to our course image;  if not pleased with the  program, we just let our membership lapse…  Bill Lindemann suggested that we make a trip to Boot Ranch to see what was required of them to earn this certification.  Jeff Jeffers offered to contact Emil Hale, the D.O.G. at Boot Ranch.

Jerry Fischer wrapped up the discussion by saying that he will subordinate his personal reservations  and support whatever Alan recommends. Also, he respects Emile Hale and is somewhat more comfortable with the idea, since Emil has deemed this a beneficial program for Boot Ranch.  He is hopeful that both Alan and Bill Hannah, course Superintendent, will come forward with information that will enable us to make a sound decision.

JUNIOR GOLF PROGRAM:  Ron Moerbe announced that the program is over for this school year and will begin again the 3rd Tuesday in August.

Shelly Ross announced that a Golf Camp for youth ages 6-18 will be held in late July or early August.

D.O.G. REPORT:  Alan was absent/no report


Jerry Fischer announced that we plan to partner with 3 wineries for a weekend  highlighting Fredericksburg golf and wines.  Morning golf followed by afternoon wine tasting should highlight two of GillespieCounty’s  jewels!  C.V.B. recommends that we choose either April or October; we are waiting to see what lodging availability will be during those months.

ST. MARY’S GOLF TOURNAMENT:  May 19th, 2012  at Schreiner Golf Course

We voted to participate ($100); Alan will take the shot on one of the par 3’s once again.  Several volunteers will  be needed to take money on that hole.    Jerald Gold moved that F.O.L.B participate, Jeff Jeffers seconded the motion and it passed handily.



Buzz moved to adjourn and Ron seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  We adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Judy Chase


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