FOLB Board Minutes: February 12, 2013

Friends of Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Golf Course, Inc.

Board of Directors:  February 12, 2013

Present:  Ann Armentrout, Shelly Ross, Buzz Roye, Ron Moerbe, Jimmy Lukacs, Bruce Reeh, Leonard Bentch, Joe Kammlah

Absent:  Jerry Fischer, Jim Drewitz, Mark Seitz, Al Bickle, Gerald Gold, Judy Chase, Anna Marie Kluber, Bill Lindeman

Meeting was called to order at 5:32 PM in the Cardinal Room, Lady Bird Club House

The minutes of the December meeting as electronically distributed and corrected were approved unanimously.   Motion made by Ron Moerbe and seconded by Joe Kammlah

Treasurer’s Report:  Ann Armentrout reported General Fund balance $1039.00 and Foundation Balance $2725.37.  During the past month Deposits were $666.50 with Membership dues of $550 and General Meeting receipts of $116.50.  Checks written for $127.50 to cover cost of General Membership Meeting

Election of Officers:  The officers were elected by acclamation:

  • President                            Leonard Bentch
  • Vice President                   Jerry Fischer
  • Secretary                             Judy Chase
  • Treasurer                            Ann Armentrout

Committee Reports:

Junior Golf:  Buzz Roye reported good turnout at the January 29 Junior Golf clinic held at Lady Bird.  26 juniors were brought to the clinic by the First Baptist Church program.  Another contingent from the Boys and Girls Club were scheduled but did not participate because of local inclement weather.  There were adequate volunteers to help PGA professionals Alan Wooley and Emil Hale plus their assistants conduct the program.

The next junior golf clinic will be February 19 at Boot Ranch starting at 4 PM.  A notice asking for volunteers will be sent to all FOLB members.

Green Committee:  Ron Moerbe reported on the most recent meeting held on the 4th Wednesday of January.  Yard markers were expected in October, 2012 but have not been produced by the vendor.  The DOG will find another vendor if the previously ordered materials are not delivered by mid April.  Poanna has grown on the greens and throughout the golf course.  Poanna on the greens should be removed with the root and tossed onto the surrounds.  Herbicidal spray is felt to be inappropriate because of the fragile nature of the grass which was planted during reconstruction.  The “eyebrows” over the bunkers are being cut to 4 inches using the new “hovering” lawn mower.  Improved playability has been noted.  Marshalls and a “starter” are being considered for the future when there is more play.

Handicap Committee:  Jimmy Lukacs reported that USGA guidelines will be used to establish hole by hole handicap for competition.  The guidelines suggest that the low number handicap holes should be in the middle of the golf course and specifically not be assessed to holes #1,9,10, and 18.  The proper system is to have enough scores to differentiate those holes with the greatest discrepancy between a scratch and bogey player.  This is different than those holes with the greatest variation from par.  Currently, Lady Bird has a single hole by hole handicap system for both men and women.  A separate system for women will be determined when there are more scores available.  The purpose of the Handicap Committee is to establish a culture of competition according to USGA guidelines and the Rules of Golf.  According to USGA guidelines, the Handicap Committee should be made up entirely of players and cannot have as a member anyone who is employed by the golf course.  The Handicap Committee should be the “go to” organization for all issues concerning competition including guidelines for “winter rules” (not part of the USGA guidelines) and “lift, clean and place”, formats for tournaments, use of different teeing grounds, etc.  The validity of handicaps for individual players is also under the purview of the Handicap Committee.  All golfers who use the GHIN system must mark which tees were used as well as sign and date the score card in order for the scores to be entered.  Any scorecards deemed incomplete should not be entered.  The cost charged for the GHIN was discussed.  Lady Bird charged $40 this year, most golf courses charged $20 (the actual USGA fee) to $35.  Shelly responded that the golf course has costs for the labor and supplies needed to maintain the system.  Jimmy stated that the cost should be that which would encourage the most golfers to participate and that a golfer can only join the GHIN system through a USGA sanctioned golf course.

Old Business:

General Membership Meeting:  Leonard stated that the General Membership meeting went very well:  there were about 40 FOLB members present, the message was clear, the speakers were direct, and the information was correct.  The City Manager, Kent Myers as well as Councilman Graham Pearson were present. The minutes were circulated to all FOLB members electronically.

BagTag:  A mockup of the 2013 BagTag was presented.  It includes a photograph of #16 taken by a professional photographer during one of the visits to Lady Bird by golf journalists.  There was consensus to change the BagTag to enlarge and make more visible FOLB using red.  Also Friends of Lady Bird…… are to be in red.  The website information should be included but the line identifying the golf hole can be deleted.  Leonard will discuss with Alan to facilitate changes and begin fabrication for FOLB members.

New Business:

Membership Drive:  Leonard sent notice to all previous FOLB members by email.  The notice included the photograph to go on the BagTag as well as a renewal/new member form.  Dues stay the same:  Single $20, Couples $30 and Juniors no fee.  Shelly will get lists of all LGA, SSMGA and MGA members as well as non affiliated Lady Bird members so that notices can be sent to all golfers.  Leonard re-iterated the importance of keeping membership a high priority.


Fund Raiser:  A joint FGA, LGA, and SSMGA golf event was discussed last month.  To move forward, Leonard will speak with Alan about a format which would be attractive to the three groups, define a date, and establish a theme.  The purpose would be to bring the golf community together and raise funds for the junior golf program.

Greens and Grapes:  This event is felt to have great potential to bring visitors to Gillespie County to enjoy the wineries and a golf outing at the newly renovated golf course.  The best time of year is probably the fall.  Lady Bird needs to be at a high level of preparation and operations for this event to work.  If fall 2013 is possible, work would have to begin in March.  We are not sure that we should move ahead this year.

Other Business:

There was no other business

Adjournment:  Ron Moerbe moved for adjournment.  The motion was seconded by Buzz Roye.  All were in agreement.  The meeting adjourned at 6:20PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Leonard Bentch, Acting Secretary

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