FOLB Board Minutes: July 9, 2013

FRIENDS OF Lady Bird Johnson Municipal golf club, inc.

Board Meeting:  Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club on Tuesday, July 9, 2913, at 5:30 p.m.

Present:  Leonard Bentch, Anna Marie Kluber, Ann Armentrout, Ron Moerbe, Shelly Ross, Mark Seitz, Joe Kammlah, Bill Lindemann, Jerry Fischer, Alan Wooley and Judy Chase.

Absent:  Jim Drewitz, Jerald Gold, Ernie Loeffler, Al Bickle, Bruce Reeh, Buzz Roye and Jimmy Lukacs.

President Leonard Bentch called the meeting to order at 5:32.

Mark Seitz moved to accept the June minutes as electronically transmitted; Shelly Ross seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurer Ann Armentrout reported no transactions this month.  General  Fund  –  $1,056.00 and

Foundation – $2,725.37 for a total balance of $3,781.37 We have 63 paid members to date.

Committee Reports:

Junior Golf:  Buzz Roye was absent.  Alan Wooley reported that a dozen youngsters attended the first session of Golf Camp.  The second session

Begins on July 17th and will meet Wednesday and Friday mornings for 2 consecutive weeks as opposed to 4 consecutive days.

Green Committee:  Ron Moerbe updated the board on green area operations:…

Hole # 16 has a new French drain to eliminate the puddle between the tree and green

Work continues behind green # 9 to improve appearance and safety of access to club house.

Superintendent has completed scoring of cart path on hole # 6.  No further mitigation of the slope is felt necessary

Handicap Committee:  Jimmy Lukacs was absent – no report

D.O.G. Report:  Alan Wooley reported that he has begun the budget process with the city. The course has finished the year ahead of budget

Overs-seeding:  The benefit would be to protect the turf during the winter and to add the ascetic appeal of green turf for winter visitors.   Over-seeding greens is currently in the budget.  Over-seeding the entire golf course would require an additional $80-90,000 to cover cost of seed and unbudgeted maintenance (mowing:  labor, machine, fuel)

Marketing Budget – Ernie Loeffler obtained HOT funds ($45,000)last year and has asked or $60,000 in the 2014 budget; the additional monies would be directed to website development.  Lady Bird piggybacks on the CVB marketing agency.

Operations: The course is $240,000 ahead of the 2011 gross revenues (last full year of operations)

Retention ponds:  Monthly maintenance is built into the current budget.  There was an over bloom of blue algae resulting in foul odor which was corrected by spraying an algicide.  Addition of an aerator is in the 2014 budget which should also mitigate the problem. Summer Marathon Golf Fund Raiser:  August 19th will be the date set for Alan and Emil’s 100 Holes of Golf fundraiser .  As in the past, profits will continue to support our junior golf program.  The event will be held at Lady Bird.

Old Business: 

Annual Report to Council

Wide-ranging discussion followed as the board tweaked the amended draft.  Ron Moerbe moved to accept the draft as modified and the motion passed.


Part of our mission deals with junior golf here in Fredericksburg, so fundraising should take on a prominent role in the future.  In addition to Alan and Emil’s efforts in August, the Greens and Grapes weekend still holds great interest as a source of revenue for junior golf. As the junior golf program evolves, there might well be the need for a Director of Instruction, a paid position.  It was suggested that we get details on the cost of building a 3-hole practice area down on the range.  Strategic planning needs to be a large part of our next annual meeting in January.

Membership Drive for next year:  Continue the bag tag program, but make it generic (no name), thereby simplifying and reducing costs involved.   Alan suggested that we go the the three golf groups and ask each to raise dues to cover the cost of the tags.

There being no further business, Ron Moerbe moved to adjourn and Jerry Fischer seconded the motion; motion passed and we adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Judy Chase, Secretary

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