FOLB Board Minutes: March 12, 2013


Board Meeting – Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 – 5:30 p.m.

Present:  Leonard Bentch, Ron Moerbe, Shelly Ross, Jerry Fischer, Alan Wooley, Bill Lindemann, Bruce Reeh, Buzz Roye, Ann Armentrout, Anna Marie Kluber and Judy Chase.

Absent:  Jerald Gold, Jeff Jeffers, Jimmy Lukacs, Mark Seitz, Al Bickle, Jim Drewitz, Joe Kammlah and Ernie Loeffler.

President Leonard Bentch called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m. A quorum was present.

Ron Moerbe moved to accept the minutes from the February meeting as electronically transmitted.

The motion was seconded and the vote passed.

Treasurer Ann Armentrout reported a General Fund balance of $1,429 and a Foundation balance of $2,725.37 for a total balance of $4,154.37.

Committee Reports

Green Committee:  Ron Moerbe reported that Bill Hannah and crew were out today applying post-emergent.  There is some thatch build-up present which will be improved by an aggressive verticut.  Yardage markers have been installed in the fairways and stencil markers will be applied to the cart paths.  Complaints regarding the steepness of the cart path on hole #6 have been heard.   Paint containing grit (for traction) will be applied to make the walking path safer.  Buzz Roye suggested speed bumps on the same path for golf carts; the sharp turn to cross the bridge shouldn’t be done at speed.

Junior Golf:  Buzz Roye

The first Junior Golf Clinic of the year was held on a cold, windy day at Boot Ranch.  24 youngsters took advantage of the great practice facility there.  On March 26th, Lady Bird will host 2 youth clinics.  The same group of youngsters who met at Boot Ranch in February will meet at Lady Bird at 4:30 that afternoon.  Ambleside School has elected to dedicate 6-8 weeks of PE time to our golf clinic format; approximately 24 students will participate for an hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  First Baptist Church, as part of its Outreach Program, will transport a number of youngsters living in an apartment complex near the church to Lady Bird for golf clinics.  5-6 volunteer adults will be required to monitor the youngsters for safety purposes.  Youth equipment will be needed and the Wellness Center has agreed to share the expenses with FOLB. Buzz indicated that another fundraiser will be needed.  Ron Moerbe moved to authorize Ann Armentrout to write a check for youth equipment.  Bruce Reeh seconded the motion and it passed.


Handicap Committee:  Chairman Jimmy Lukacs was absent so Alan reported that the committee had adopted the USGA allocation  model for the new score cards.  (20,000 on order).   Jimmy will be encouraged to meet and speak to the three golf organizations regarding the role of the Handicap Committee.


Bag tag design for 2013 – after considerable discussion, it was voted to accept the design/color recommendation of Jim Drewitz. “FOLB  2013” in black, Name in gold with black outline, “member” in gold and “ FOLB” in white.

FOLB board member Buzz Roye will respond to last week’s front page “Poof” article in the newspaper, saluting the far-sightedness of this city council and the financial success Lady Bird Golf Course is experiencing.

High School Golf Library:  SSMGA member Harris Greenwood has proposed and created a Golf Library at FHS and FMS.  His wish is to provide resources which address all areas of golf:  playing, teaching, competing, turf science, golf course architecture, superintendent profession, and management.   Collaborating with Jimmy Lukacs, Mr. Greenwood has developed an initial list of books which he has arranged to donate to FISD schools and is working with the FISD librarians to provide shelf space, materials, and a reference guide.   Mr. Greenwood wishes this to be a resource for our juniors in perpetuity but wishes no public notice himself for the gifts he is providing.  He believes the Golf Library can grow by adding more books and perhaps DVD’s.  FOLB has not been actively involved to date.  The future role of FOLB may include providing a tax-exempt entity to receive donations, providing a mechanism for receiving future gifts by others, helping support the Golf Library with details as providing a bookplate/stamp, etc.  Mr. Greenwood has put forth other ideas for FOLB to help juniors such as providing guest teachers as well as supporting multi-day teaching clinics, competition, and the use of golf to extend their education etc.

Website:  Leonard is seeking a person to take over the website, to keep it current and interesting.   Alan suggested that there may be a high school golfer equipped to do that.  Leonard pointed out that the problem is developing fresh content.  There are other website hosts which provide a more interactive format.  Word Press is set up more as a blog than a modern website.


D.O.G. Report:  Leonard asked Alan how the course handled the recent rains.  Alan assured the board that the water was easily accommodated with very little erosion.

Alan discussed the potential for over-seeding with perennial rye next winter as a method for assisting the city mitigate it requirement to use effluent water.  Currently, Lady Bird and Boot Ranch have access to treated waste water but can only use this water during the growing season.  Expansion of perennial rye outside the fairways is also possible though expansion of irrigation would be necessary.  Over-seeding fairways and greens is currently felt throughout the golf industry to be an unnecessary expense and also retards the emergence of the fairway and green turf in the spring.  The cost of over-seeding includes not only the seed ($20,000) but also the cost of mowing, maintaining equipment, allocating personnel, etc.  The City is interviewing for a new Public Works’ Director. The city has agreed to limit the deposits of gray water into the creek.  Discussion followed regarding the amount of effluent water which can be applied to the course.  The golf course may certainly be of help to the city in managing its water requirements – a win-win situation!  A motion was made and seconded that, “ FOLB consider options to help Fredericksburg with the effluent water discharge issues”. The motion passed handily.

Alan will give a mid-year report to City Council at the 2nd meeting in April.  115 rounds of golf per day in February (previously, 70-80 rounds per day).  To date, 587 more rounds this year than last. Lady Bird is $24,000 ahead of February, 2012.

Marketing CampaignTexas Golfer will cover Fredericksburg in March, April and May.   The Inn on Barons Creek Management Company will host a meeting at Lady Bird in April.  The course is tracking rounds played by zip code.

Addition staffing needs:  2 part-time workers for the grill

1-2 part-time staffers in the pro shop (a starter would be desirable)

1 maintenance person

Charity Golf Summer:  This year’s fundraiser Golf Marathon) will be hosted at Lady Bird (last year at Boot Ranch).

We need to raise awareness of the event in the golfing community in order to raise donations for the FOLB Foundation.

ABCD Tournaments to kick off soon on Friday afternoons – cost, $20

There being no further business, Ron Moerbe moved to adjourn and Bruce Reeh seconded the motion.

Meeting adjourned at 6:57 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Judy Chase


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