FOLB Board Minutes: March 14, 2013


Board Meeting- Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club/ Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Present:  Leonard Bentch, Joe Kammlah, Jimmy Lukacs, Shelly Ross, Mark Seitz, Ron Moerbe, Anna Marie Kluber, Ann          Armentrout, Buzz Roye, Bruce Reeh, Bill Lindemann, Jerald Gold and Judy Chase.

Absent:  Jeff Jeffers, Jim Drewitz, Jerry Fischer, Ernie Loeffler, Al Bickle and Alan Wooley.

President Leonard Bentch called the meeting to order at 5:32 pm.

Ron Moerbe made a motion to accept the March minutes (no April meeting) as electronically transmitted.  Shelly Ross seconded the motion and it passed.

Treasurer Ann Armentrout reported a combined treasury balance of $4,314.37. General Fund:$1,589.00   and the

Foundation: $2,725.37.  She also announced that the P.O. Box has been renewed and that paid membership is now at 63.


Jr. Golf: Buzz Roye reported that 50  youth had received 308 individual golf lessons from Alan Wooley, Edwin Dickens and their staff members at Lady Bird and at Boot Ranch.  1st Baptist Church has provided transportation to both venues. Currently we have enough equipment, but Alan plans to order more from Ping and will pass those invoices on to FOLB for payment.  Junior Golf Camp dates have been set tentatively for June 18-21 and cost will be about $100.  There have been sufficient volunteers to help at the outings so far. 

Green Committee:  Bill Hannah was not available, but chairman Ron Moerbe reported that the staff has been focused on the 16th tee box. (extensive verticutting and top dressing applications have been made)  Within the next 2 weeks Bill will begin spraying for weeds.

It was noted that the area above the 9th green remains a problem.  Also mentioned again was the concern for walkers on the cart path between #6 tee box and green.  People are anxious for some remedy to be applied before someone falls and is injured.

Handicap Committee: Chairman Jimmy Lukacs led an extensive discussion about current tournament handicapping practices and offered to involve his committee in the process for future tournaments.  Alan was absent, but Shelly suggested that the committee might review tournament handicapping in the future.

D.O.G. Report:  Upcoming events include St. Mary’s Golf Tournament on June 1st, Homebuilder’s Golf Tournament on June 7th,

Bridgestone Ball Fitting on June 7th, 38th Annual Redbird Ladies Invitational on June 13th, Junior Golf Camp June 18-21, STPGA Charity Golf Summer.

Golf Course Performance:  through the first 6 months of operation, revenues are up 32% to $820, 489 from $621,140 over the same period prior year.

In April, 42% of all rounds played were out-of-county guest fees.  Since re-opening, we have experienced 25% of our play as out-of-county guest play but have seen that number grow with improved weather.

Through April, we have played 18,977 rounds of golf.  We are projecting, based upon prior year trends, that we will play a little over 40,000 rounds this year.  As a reminder, we had averaged 33,800 rounds over the past 7 years.


The recent election is favorable to the golf course as we have two supporters that were elected.

The turnout for our A-B-C-D game on Friday afternoons has been smaller than I anticipated and we are going to schedule a few on Wednesdays starting at 1pm and see if we can get a better response.

We still have several bag tags that have not been picked up.  We have a couple of new additions and their tags have been ordered.


Leonard brought up the FOLB-sponsored tournament-fundraiser to benefit Junior Golf.  After much discussion, it was decided that, in addition to a volunteer to chair the event, we also need to develop a format and a time-frame.  The lead time for planning this event might be as much as 3 years and our goals must be VERY specific.  (ie: 3 practice holes down by the range)This topic will be added to the agenda for next month’s meeting .

Report to City Council:  Leonard asked that we each review last  year’s report and begin planning this year’s report.

Audubon Certification:  Bill Lindemann emphasized that we MUST have a plan which includes wildlife and plant systems; wildscapes are necessary for wildlife.  Bill Hannah supports Audubon.

There being no further business, Ron Moerbe moved to adjourn.  The motion was seconded and it passed.  We adjourned our meeting at 6:45.
Respectfully submitted:

Judy Chase


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