FOLB Board Minutes, November 2012


Board Meeting-Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 – 5:30 pm

Present:  Leonard Bentch, Buzz Roye, Jimmy Lukacs, Joe Kammlah, Bruce Reeh, Anna Marie Kluber, Mark Seitz, Ann Armentrout, Ron Moerbe,

Alan Wooley and Judy Chase.

Absent:   Jerry Fischer, Jerald Gold, Jim Drewitz, Hershal Byrd, Jeff Jeffers and Bill Lindemann.

Minutes:  Ron moved to accept the minutes as electronically transmitted; Bruce seconded the motion and it passed.

Treasury:  Ann reported a general ledger balance of $948.97 and a Foundation balance of $1,688.40 for a total

of $2,637,37.  We have one new member, Greta Frantzen.

Committee Reports:

Green: Ron reported that OB on the left side of #10 is for “maintenance” purposes.  Discussion of #14 was lengthy ;  the 2 forward tees have

already been relocated.  Fertigation tanks have been installed and are dripping fertilizer. The rough on #3 by the old red tees has been trimmed.

JR. Golf:  Buzz Roye reported that Alan has money for Jr. Golf.  Monthly middle school clinics are being held (one just today)

The biggest challenge is transportation for the youth.  Publicity should include notices in the newspaper and those posted at Lady Bird.  One of the youngsters suggested PA announcements at school. Alan and Edwin want to set up Saturday morning skills challenges that will run weekly throughout the golf season. FOLB will be needed to provide volunteers.

Handicap Committee:  Jimmy and Wade Boone (SSMGA) are the current members.  A rep from the LGA is needed.  The committee will review

tournament and non-tournament scores throughout the season.

D.O.G. Report:  Alan informed us that the STPGA Charity Golf Summer raised $100,000, $702 of which was designated for the FOLB Foundation.                    Alan was honored to be chosen captain of the Texas Junior Cup Matches (12 year olds and under playing a Ryder Cup-like format).

Golf Course performance numbers:  2011 actual – $85,000 gross;  2012 budgeted  – $93,000; 2012 actual  – $138,000; 26% of rounds were

played by out of county golfers!

Marketing update:  $45,000 allocated by City Council.  Marketing is in place through the year. KEYE was here today and will air FBG footage Sunday, December 9th at 9 or 9:30 AM
Rack cards have been distributed to all hotels and B&Bs in town.

The Inn on Barons Creek is planning a partnership with us (“Play and Stay”).

Gaste Haus has a phone app and is putting us on it for free.

Alan’s weekly newsletter reaches out to 700 people; member contributions to it are welcomed by the deadline, end of business Tuesday..

PGA of America:  Alan’s friend Paul Levy (So TX and So CA) was elected Secretary; in 4 years, he’ll become president of the PGA.

Golf 2.0 has the goal of getting to 40 million  golfers by 2016.

Alan has a group of ladies “Getting Golf Ready” (5 lessons for $99)

Lady Bird Johnson Challenges:  golf community needs and wants/political landscape/staffing…

Annual Membership Meeting in January (2nd or 3rd week)

No survey this year (course closed most of the year)

Harris Greenwood will be working directly with Janie Guynes in an effort to develop a library for our junior golfers.

Dr. David Bojanic from the UTSA graduate school of business has done a marketing survey for us previously and is willing to return.   The City Manager has arranged to pay UTSA the $2000 previously agreed upon.


Bag Tags:  Photo background was discussed for our 2013 bag tags. These should be available for our General Membership Meeting the 2nd or 3rd week in January.

Greens and Grapes:  Joe Kamlah discussed revisiting the Greens and Grapes weekend to be held in the early fall, 2013 (September). It was decided that details must be finalized by the first of March in order to go forward this year.


Mark Seitz asked Alan if we could possibly have a big money tournament this year (2-man invitational).  Alan declined as the course still needs to mature more before undertaking such a major event.  Maybe during the ’13-’14 season…

Joe moved to adjourn and Mark seconded the motion.  Motion passed and we adjourned at 6:51 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Judy Chase, Secretary

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