FOLB Board Minutes, October, 2012



Board Meeting, Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club


October 16, 2012


Present: Ann Armentrout, Leonard Bentch, Jerry Fischer, Jeff Jeffers, Anna Marie Kluber, Ron Moerbe, Bruce Reeh, Buzz Roye, Alan Wooley


President, Leonard Bentch called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


Bruce Reeh moved to accept the September minutes as e-mailed. The motion passed.


Treasurer, Ann Armentrout reported :

FOLB:  $928.97

FOLB Foundation: $1,688.40

BALANCE; $2,617.37


DOG, Alan Wooley reported:

Total sales for the week were $30,765 compared to the same week in 2011 that were $19,959.

Of this total $3,200 were membership fees.


Our two week total is $66,202 versus $38,399 for the same two week period in 2011.


The amount accounts for 69% of our budgeted revenue for October.


We did 715 rounds last week that brings our total to 1,419 rounds for the first two weeks.

In 2011 we did 602 rounds and the same two week period in 2011 was 1,184.

Of this weeks rounds we hosted 181 rounds from out of county residents.


Food & Beverage for the week was $7,895 versus $5,919 in 2011.

That is $11.04 per round versus $9.83 per round in 2011.


Cart usage continues to be above prior year in the last week we were 76% ridership compared to 54% in 2011.


The yield per round was $14.29 compared to $12.12 in 2011.


This week we have the Central Texas Grasshoppers (106) on Tuesday and Wednesday and the City of Fredericksburg

Appreciation tournament (120) on Thursday.


Alan Wooley reported on October 30, 2012, nine media persons from Texas will be present to make a report on the new



Alan responded to questions concerning erosion, bunker maintenance, use of part time employees, role of seasonal employees, design issues affecting maintenance, signage and distance markers.


Committee Reports


Green Committee:  Ron Moerbe reported that the Green Committee will meet the fourth Wed of each month.  Agenda items include plans for bunker maintenance, yardage signs on sprinkler heads, marshaling, erosion issues and early signs of wear areas due to carts and golfers.


Handicap Committee:  Leonard reported for Jimmy Lukacs that the committee had not yet met.


Junior Committee:  Buzz Rowe reported that he has been researching history of local Junior Golf programs.  He plans to meet during the next month with Alan, Edwin Dickens, Emil Hale, Janie Schneider and others involved in current programming.  Goal is to develop a long term plan for junior programing.


The 2012 Annual Report to City Council was submitted to City Council and the City Manager.The CM,  Kent Myers, has read the report but not heard any comments from Council members.  The CM noted the report is helpful and should be continued on an annual basis.  With regard to formal Council “acceptance” , the CM stated that if the Council recognizes the report in public session, the document would be available under the “Freedom of Information Act”.  Board discussion followed.  Motion made by Jerry Fischer and seconded by Bruce Reeh to take no position on whether or not the Council choses to publically accept the document.


Harris Greenwood donation:  The Board agreed to allow the Harris Greenwood donation to be accepted under the FOLB Foundation 501C3  .  Jerry presented a draft which was discussed with suggestions for changes to reflect need for documentation of donor intent, tax exempt status of FOLB Foundation, and limit of discretionary use of funds.  Leonard will discuss with Mr. Greenwood and schedule a meeting to include Mr. Greenwood, Janie Schneider (FISD Golf Coach), Alan, and others as necessary.


UTSA School of Bjusiness:  Dr. David Bojanic provided students who performed intercept and exit surveys, provided exit survey forms, and submitted a marketing plan document in 2010-2011.  The Parks Director had agreed to “donate” $2000 to the UTSA in recognition of the student services.  This amount was never paid to the University.  Jerry pointed out that it was the city and not FOLB which had committed to providing the financial support.   Leonard reported that he had discussed this issue briefly with the CM.  Discussion also included importance of maintaining good relationship with the UTSA School of business and that further help from students might be helpful to the marketing project in the future.  Motion was made, seconded, and passed to authorize Leonard Bentch to send Documentation of Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course Survey to the City Manager.



General membership meeting:  Leonard Bentch reported that the next General Membership Meeting will be held in January, 2013.  The Board of Directors functions as the nominating committee.  Four (4) members of the Board terms will have expired and thus four new board members will be needed.  All current board members were asked to consider new board members.  Jerry noted that the board has no specific ideology or agenda other than to support Lady Bird Golf Course and that new ideas are welcomed.


Jerry Fischer moved to adjourn , seconded by Ron Moerbe. Motion passed.


The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m


Respectfully submitted:  Anna Marie Kluber, Acting Secretaty

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