General Membership Meeting Minutes: January, 2013


General Membership meeting 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013    5:30 pm   Cardinal Room at Lady Bird

President Leonard Bentch called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm with approximately 40 people in attendance.

Minutes:  A motion was made by Ron Moerbe and seconded to accept the minutes of the 2012 General Membership Meeting as electronically delivered. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:   Ann Armentrout reported a combined treasury balance of $3,225.37 including $2440.40 in the FOLB Foundation.  There were no questions or discussion.

Introductions:  Leonard introduced special guests City Manager Kent Myers, City Councilman and Mrs. Graham Pearson and Director of the CVB, Ernie Loeffler.

Mission Review:  Vice President Jerry Fischer  presented   a  review of FOLB’s mission, to work closely with the city of Fredericksburg to create the finest affordable golf venue for Fredericksburg residents and visitors.  Our vision also includes the creation of a destination golf experience to support tourism.  Finally, we support the creation of an excellent junior golf program.  In pursuit of these goals, FOLB brought in the USGA to analyze Lady Bird Municipal Golf Course and to recommend the best way to proceed. One major observation made was that Lady Bird was being managed like a park, not a business with fine profit potential.  Today we have management dedicated to the success of this course!

FOLB 2012 Projects in Review:  President Leonard Bentch described our year

  1. Co-sponsored USGA Consultation in January
  2. Established standing committees – Green, Junior Golf and Handicap
  3. Continued consideration of the USGA Audubon Sanctuary Program
  4. Planning, in conjunction with the CVB, for Greens and Grapes Golf Event which will showcase local wineries and the renovated golf course (profits to benefit Junior Golf)
  5. Met with the new city manager to discuss FOLB goals and the annual report to City Council
  6. Submitted 3rd Annual Report on Golf to  City Council
  7. Established structure for accepting general and designated donations
  8. Renewed relationship with UTSA School of Business


Junior Golf:  Chairman Buzz Roye reminded attendees how fortunate we are to have two local pros so interested in youth golf, our own Alan Wooley and Boot Ranch’s Emil Hale.  8 monthly clinics have been scheduled beginning on January 29th here at Lady Bird and the next at Boot Ranch.  These will alternate locations and continue through November.

Fundraising for Junior Golf:   100 Holes Golf Marathon undertaken by Alan and Emil and proceeds from the movie Seven Days in Utopia  yielded $2,400 this year!

Goals:  Continued support of the FHS Golf teams, outreach to interested juniors in middle and private schools as well as the Boys and Girls Club.  Transportation to and from events remains a challenge.  Volunteers will be needed!

Future Junior Events:  Alan Wooley serves as Junior Golf Committee Chairman of the South Texas Section of the PGA and mentioned Lady Bird as a possible venue for future Junior Golf Tournaments .

Green CommitteeChairman Ron Moerbe  reminded us that it is highly unique for a municipal golf club to have a Green Committee.    Members of our committee are Chairman Ron Moerbe, Donna Henke of the LGA, Mark Seitz of the FGA and Bill Armentrout of the SSMGA. Responsibilities include gathering comments to pass on to Alan Wooley and Bill Hannah at the monthly meeting.  In return, members learn what is happening at the course and what the problems are.

Members specifically have relayed complaints about the eyebrows on bunkers; lost balls have been a big problem.

A new mower has been obtained to keep grass around the bunker at a 3” height.

There will be a green modification coming to hole # 14.

John Penaloza asked when the bunker sand will “firm up”. Bill Hannah responded that we have Poteet  sand which costs 1/3 to ¼  as much as the better sand varieties.  This was in our budget and we’ll have to learn to live with it.

Handicap CommitteeChairman Jimmy Lukacs introduced members Beverly Pesek from LGA, Tim Kaman from FGA and Wade Boone from SSMGA.  This committee is in its infancy, he indicated.  When FOLB was formed, we wanted to reflect as professional a course as possible.  Previously, we didn’t have a USGA recognized handicap system. Alan has adopted the GHINN system.

The USGA requires that the chairman of a handicap committee be USGA- trained.  How fortunate we are to have Jimmy’s expertise.  The committee will encourage all to play to the very best of their ability EVERY outing and to turn in EVERY score!

The committee has had one meeting to date with the goal of handicapping holes on the course from most to least difficult.  Mention was made of Equitable Stroke Control which Alan will introduce more broadly in his weekly news.

STATE OF GOLF 2013:  Alan Wooley, PGA

Alan presented a photo mock-up of the 2013 bag tag.

The renovation is complete and the reviews have been tremendous.


More importantly, the financial picture is

equally as good.  Comparing the 4th quarter of 2011 and that of 2012, Lady Bird revenues went from $206,000 to

$315,000! These results are with approximately 300 tee times a week out of inventory.  (closed on Mondays)

26% of our rounds have been out of county golfers.

Total revenue is up 53%.  Total revenue is 17% ahead of the Proforma.

Cart ridership is up 20% and cart revenue is up 82%.

Practice tee revenue is up 47%.

Food and beverage revenue is up 33%.

Marketing plan is in place.

New relationship with the CVB adding value to the Fredericksburg  experience.

Several new groups are coming to Lady Bird for 2013

Southwest Senior Golf Association

Texas Road Trip Couples

Texas Women’s Golf Association

Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce

Things that worry Alan:


Loss of key people

Economic impact

Increased overhead



New Opportunities:

Stay and Play packages – Inn on Barons Creek and La Quinta

State and Regional Tournaments

Cost savings and revenue for phases 2 through 5. (2=vertical structures and parking; 3=Cardinal Room;

4=remaining irrigation; 5=bridge)

A word about FOLB:

This renovation wouldn’t have been accomplished without your help.

I’m looking forward to working with the committees in 2013 – Junior Golf (Buzz), Handicap (Jimmy) and

Green Committee (Ron)

Important things concerning Lady Bird in the future makes having an organization like FOLB a huge plus!

Odds and Ends:

Thanks to the LGA for adopting my son while he was deployed.

Slow play, sandbagging and bad cart etiquette is best tackled by peer pressure.

Increased interest in the course has resulted in required tee times.


Ann Armentrout was elected  unanimously to a three-year term.


USGA Consultation, part 2

Greens and Grapes event in the fall

Joint MGA, LGA and SSMGA fundraising event to benefit Junior Golf

To expand the Junior Golf program

Consolidate Green and Handicap Committee

2013 Report on Golf to the City Council

Renew our relationship with the UTSA School of Business partnership



John Penaloza asked how to get a golf handicap.  Jimmy Lukacs responded, “ Join Lady Bird, pay $40 to Alan, $20 of which will pay for your handicap.”

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed and Leonard adjourned the meeting at  6:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Judy Chase


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