FOLB Board Meeting Minutes, December 10, 2013

Board Meeting: Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club. Tuesday, December10th, at 5:30 pm
Present: Jerry Fischer, Joe Kammlah, Bill Lindemann, Bruce Reeh, Shelly Ross, Ron
Moerbe, Mark Seitz and Judy Chase.
Absent: Leonard Bentch, Ann Armentrout, Anna Marie Kluber, Jimmy Lukacs, Alan Wooley, Jeff
Jeffers, Jerald Gold, Buzz Roye, and Ernie Loeffler.
Vice President, Jerry Fischer, called the meeting to order at 5:30.
Minutes were approved as electronically transmitted.
Treasurer, Ann Armentrout (absent) sent the following report: General Fund balance – $867.50
Foundation balance -$2,249.47 for a total balance of $3,116.97.
Jerry introduced the discussion of possible nominees to the Board of Directors of FOLB. Suggestions were made and each was discussed. Those with whom the board will follow up are David Holke, Dennis Henke, Michelle or Clay James and Lee Bodenheimer. It was also decided to approach Butch Zenner and Jerald Gold for other candidate names.
When asked if he would consider the presidency, Jerry Fischer declined, but assured all that he would be available to help whoever was elected to the position.
Judy Chase announced that she will complete her final year on the board, but will be stepping down from the secretarial post.
Education: letters to the Editor, for example, can be a tool by which FOLB educates the city about the benefits of a lucrative golf course.
Fundraising: could lessen the burden on local government. With a renewed focus upon Youth Golf, we might direct fundraising toward the construction of a 3-hole practice facility “down below”.
Other Thoughts/Discussion points:
Ron Moerbe pointed out that our Greens’ Keeper, Bill Hannah, may leave very soon because he failed to get the desired pay increase…
Joe Kammlah, president of the Optimist Club, mentioned that his group would like to sponsor a junior golfer or golfers at National Qualifying Tournaments. In addition, Joe said that he thinks it is the job of FOLB to monitor public opinion to make sure that all is going well here at Lady Bird.
Bill Lindemann described the template used by the Nature Center to engage the young; 12 years ago the center focused upon the 3rd graders, teaching them what nature is all about. Each May, 200 kids come out and learn about birds, butterflies and other natural phenomenon, The Center has exposed all the youngsters now, 3rd through 12th graders. He proposed that FOLB could involve youngsters in a similar manner, thereby also capturing their attention and the interest of their parents!
Kathy Yarborough, a Lady Bird golfer, is the elementary PE teacher. She might be a resource for our board as we move forward with this focus on youth golf.
Mark Seitz reminded all that we need to remember Phase 2 of the master plan. If we become so distracted by our focus on youth, will we abort our major mission, that of completing the master plan for Lady Bird?
Mark described what all considered to be a fine fundraising idea: Janie’s “kids” could caddy for a day (at $100, or some other designated figure). That would satisfy two objectives, focusing on both youth and fundraising.
Shelly described the West Texas Junior Championship. Golfers from the ages of 12 to 18 compete on a Central Texas Tour. Lady Bird could organize one tournament, Delaware Springs, another, etc. FOLB could be visible by presenting the winners their awards.
Jerry asked the group if we should involve Emil, Edwin and Janie in the January meeting by asking them to address the group. Responses were positive.
Shelly brought up Bag Tags. Bruce Reeh volunteered to pick the tag design.
Ron Moerbe moved to adjourn; the motion was seconded and it passed.
Meeting was adjourned at 6:56 pm.
Respectfully submitted:
Judy Chase

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