FOLB Board Meeting Minutes September 11, 2013

Board Meeting:  Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 5:30pm

President Leonard Bentch called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm with 10 members present.

Present:  Leonard Bentch, Ron Moerbe, Bruce Reeh, Shelly Ross, Alan Wooley, Anna Marie Kluber,

Ann Armentrout,  Buzz Roye, Jimmy Lukacs and Judy Chase.

Absent:  Jeff Jeffers, Jerald Gold, Mark Seitz, Al Bickle, Jim Drewitz, Joe Kammlah, Bill Lindemann , Jerry Fischer and Ernie Loeffler.

July Minutes were approved as sent electronically.  Shelly made the motion, Buzz seconded it.  (no August meeting)

Treasurer Ann Armentrout reported a General Fund balance of $1,018.50 and a Foundation balance of $1,771.87 for a bank total of $2,790.37.

Leonard brought up our affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce and Alan interjected the fact that Lady Bird will be hosting the Chamber’s Fun After Five event either next April or May (2014).  This will be great exposure for the course!


Junior Golf– Buzz Roye reported  that through May, 2013, over 300 students had participated in our Junior Golf Clinics.  Tuesday evening clinics  will begin again, September through November.

Providence Hall, a new private school in town, will add lessons/clinics to their curriculum; these will involve 13 students and will take place here and at Boot Ranch.

2 Summer Golf Camps were offered in June; 22 youth participated.

Handicap Committee– Jimmy Lukacs reported minimal activity this month.  Alan invited Jimmy and/or his  committee’s representative to come participate in tournament handicapping on a regular basis.

It was decided that a plan needs to be developed defining the way in which this committee might be utilized to “oversee” all tournaments.   Alan hopes to see  the committee review the 2014 calendar and tournament format for each golf group.

Green Committee – Ron Moerbe reported no leaks in the sprinkler system; puddles are a result of run-off.  An experiment will be taking place on #7 in order to speed up play; wave the following group up .

USGA will be returning soon for the post-renovation visit and written report.  A planned over-seeding of the greens and tees will take place; it would be too costly to also include the fairways.

D.O.G. Report – Alan Wooley  described a pair of successful summer youth golf clinics involving 22 youngsters. The first of the youth clinics held alternately here at Lady Bird and at Boot Ranch will begin September 24th at Boot Ranch at 4:30.  Lady Bird and Boot Ranch have begun weekly classes with Providence Hall School.  The third annual 100 Marathon was very successful, raising $17,217 between Boot Ranch and Lady Bird.  30% of that money, $5,165, will come back to FBG!  Alan raised $1,692 which means that the FOL B Foundation will receive a check for $507!  Thank you, Alan!

Personnel added:  Fred Fogarty will be our first Player’s Assistant on the course.  Edwin Dickens, PGA Professional, has been added as a part time shop assistant and to support all PGA/USGA Play Golf Programs.  Welcome to both!

Budget:  Currently we are on pace to finish $290K ahead of prior year revenue and $142K ahead of the proforma for FY2013 and we’re going to finish ahead of budget!  We are over budget in the expense department; however, it takes money to make money, so….  All is looking very good!

City Council will discuss price increases for the 2014 calendar year.  Nothing dramatic is expected!

Council next meets Monday, September 16th at 7 pm at the Law Enforcement Center.

The Course’s business plan is trending in the proper direction.

A vision for the golf department needs to be developed.

Marketing will increase from year to year.


Annual Report –turned in to city fathers in August; to date, no responses.

General Membership Meeting – Tentatively planned for a Tuesday evening in January, 2014

We need to decide what our focus will be… what will FOLB’s role be into the future?

New Bag Tags will lack individual’s name but will read, instead, “member  of FOLB”.  Cost will be $5 and that will cover FOLB Membership.

Wish List: $175 sprinkler head.

In anticipation of Phase 2, Clinton Bailey, Director of Public Works, toured the course with Alan.  They were considering where to locate the new bridge, maintenance facility, the new wash racks…

Phase 2  will provide also for the bulldozing the “piles” behind the #6 tee boxes.

Please encourage members to attend the City Council Meeting on Monday evening.

Having no further business to consider, Buzz moved to adjourn and Anna Marie seconded the motion.  Motion passed and we were adjourned at 6:51 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Judy Chase, Secretary

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