FOLB Board Meeting Minutes, November 12, 2013

Board Meeting: Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club on Tuesday, November 12, 2013
President Leonard Bentch called the meeting to order at 5:32 pm
Present: Leonard Bentch, Shelly Ross, Ann Armentrout, Anna Marie Kluber, Jerry Fischer,
Ron Moerbe, Joe Kammlah, Bruce Reeh, Mark Seitz, Bill Lindemann, Jimmy Lukacs, Alan Wooley
And Judy Chase.
Absent: Buzz Roye, Jeff Jeffers, Jerald Gold, and Ernie Loeffler.
September Minutes were approved as electronically transmitted.
Treasurer Ann Armentrout reported a General Fund Balance of $1,018.50 and a Foundation Balance
Of $2,249.47 for a total of $3,267.97.
Leonard introduced the topic for the evening, initial planning for our January General Membership Meeting. After 5 years, where does FOLB go from here? Several relevant questions were posed to the group and discussions were energetic and far-ranging. Alan operated the overhead and interjected key information when needed.
Questions considered:
Who Are We? A citizen group in support of Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Golf Course; a tax-exempt entity which can receive and hold tax-free funds; a group responsible to City Council Resolution. The group decided that, instead of “responsible”, we preferred the word “authorized” by the Council Resolution.
Mission and Values: these were parsed line by line. It was noted by Bill Lindemann that if the board doesn’t have control, then we work only in an advisory capacity. Perhaps there is a place for volunteerism. Jerry Fischer quickly pointed out that volunteers represent “risk” to the city government.
Joe Kammlah and Jerry Fischer came to similar conclusions, that there is a great need to EDUCATE both the City Council and citizens about the golf course.
What We Do: some of our current responsibilities may no longer be required… We must closely consider these.
S.W.O.T. : a process by which we were able to analyze and discuss points dispassionately in an effort to prioritize and to see where we are to “go” next. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Using this method, we reviewed our monthly meetings, our tax-exempt status, how FOLB provides a “home” for committees, our website, our membership in the Chamber of Commerce, the USGA Site Visits, Bag Tags past and future, and our Annual Report to City Council. Many excellent points were made and some will be honed further next meeting in preparation for January’s meeting. For example, there was widespread disappointment in the quality of the USGA report following the most recent visit. The cost ($2,400) was not reflected in the product we received; Jerry Fischer suggested that, instead of totally discarding the USGA , in the future, we request a visit tailored to OUR specific needs, and a report that addresses those needs. (no more boiler plate reports). No one was very excited about bag tags. Regarding our Annual Report to the City, perhaps we should have it printed in the newspaper.
STRATEGIC PLANNING- areas to be considered carefully in December…
Why are we here?
What is our relevance?’
Who are our customers?
What do we do well?
What do we do poorly?
What should we do?
What is our relationship with the DOG?
How do we best perform to the City Council resolution?
Is Junior Golf important to FOLB members?
What other purpose is there for fundraising?
We have 2 board directors whose terms are expiring and will need to be replaced in January. Two others have indicated a desire to step down, and Jim Drewitz has passed away. We need to identify individuals interested in serving.
Our December Board Meeting needs to focus on identifying 3 action items which we can take to our membership.
It was suggested that we move the General Membership Meeting from 7 to 5:30 this January.
Alan passed out a photo showing a possible location for the 3-hole course down by the current cart barn. He told us the “course” could be constructed for $30,00-$50,000 and would require about $5,000 in annual maintenance. We are getting dirt from the pool construction site.
Jerry Fischer made a motion to fund Chamber of Commerce membership for another year. He asked if we need to for a search committee for a new president. Board feeling was that it could be done less formally.
Next meeting: December 10th
Ron Moerbe moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion was seconded and it passed.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.
Respectfully submitted:
Judy Chase, Secretary

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