April 8 2014 FOLB Board of Directors Minutes

Minutes of FOLB Meeting 4/8/2014


Meeting called to order by CEO Jerry Fischer at 1730 hours and a guest speaker was introduced as Ken Myers, City Manager for Fredericksburg who gave a factual presentation depicting the cities’ view point on the upcoming election concerning a proposed amendment that would prohibit transfer of city funds from Enterprise Funds without voter approval.  After this presentation the regular board meeting commenced at 1806 hours with the previous meeting’s minutes being approved by voice vote.  The Treasurer reported no change in monies from the previous balance of $3,278.67.  No reports from Junior Golf or Green committees.  DOG reported that aerification is scheduled to begin April 21, weather permitting.  PING Demo day is scheduled for April 19.  There was much discussion concerning the resurrection of the proposed Greens and Grapes event with an informal agreement to leave further planning and discussion for a later date.  Much discussion involved the upcoming Fun After Five event scheduled for April 24 at 5:30 at Lady Bird.  It had been previously agreed that FOLB would pay $250 to fund a table and arrangements have been and are being made to man that table and Mark Seitz has been appointed to submit ideas for prizes and Alan is also helping to find  junior golfers and prizes.  Alan suggested that FOLB consider combining efforts with the Chamber of Commerce in sponsoring the Greens and Grapes event.  Meeting adjourned at 1855 hours.


Ron Moerbe, Secretary


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