Minutes, Board of Directors, July 8, 2014



Meeting called to order at 5:35. Present Jerry Fischer, Martin Kuykendal, Mark Seitz, Bill& Ann Armentrout, Anna Marie Kluber, Joe Kammlah, Bruce Reeh, Buz Roye, Jerald Gold Ron Moerbe , Judy Chase.

The Treasurer reported a total in bank of $2416.67 $349.70 in general, $2066.97 in foundation funds.

Green committee reported on last years nematode report. Which is not self explanatory and may make more sense when we can compare it to this year. Also the committee is initiating a green repair program were members sign for a green then will repair ball marks on a regular basis. Recommended weekly.

Junior golf reported that the current program that goes at 4 pm Wednesdays at 10:30 am Saturdays will move to actual course play this Wed. and Sat. Terry Kaman represented us at the annual, national Optimist Club Tournament and placed sixth, only 3 places moved on to next level. No female golfer was sent because of scheduling conflicts.

Alan wants to admit one more student for the remainder of the program at $200 rather than the normal fee of $250 and wishes FOLB to donate that amount. Motion made,seconded and passed.

Alan said he would brief the council about the 2015 budget and he is looking at a possible shortfall this year. He feels the budget shortfall is due to decreased revenues from visitor rounds which can be traced to inclement weather which caused the course to be closed for approximately 60 days this winter. His first recommendation will be to make no changes and to continue with the council approved pro forma. If council choses not to accept this recommendation , he will offer additional proposals for changing fees which may or may not result in additional revenue. The board discussed several ideas concerning fees but was more interested in sustainability and affordability issues which were discussed in depth.

Leonard made some good points about each and he and Joe were chosen to represent FOLB at the budget meetings to express these points.

The budget briefings will be held on 14,17,28 July. Adjourned at 7:25.

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