FOLB Board Meeting January 2018


Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm. Present were Jerry Fischer, Judy Chase, Adam Starr, Dennis Henke and Ron Moerbe.  March was discussed and agreed upon as the preferred date for the annual meeting.  Notice to the local paper is due two weeks prior. Jerry will handle the notification.  We must have elections.  Judy, Jerry and Ron are term limited out without amending the bylaws.  The board will propose to amend Article Four Section 4.1 to exclude the sentence “The term for each Director shall be three teams.”  Several prospective Board members are Leonard Bentch, Judie Allen, Jim Penn, Doug Featherstone, Ron Moerbe.  Donna Henke suggested researching whether the city will allow us to have FOLB mail delivered to the Pro Shop since our current box at the Post Office is costing $161 annually and the cheapest available is $94 and no important mail is delivered there.  Dennis said he would handle the chore.  He will talk to Chris and Clinton Bailey.  Treasurers report states $141.86 in the Foundation Fund and $458.36 in the General.  Since no quorum was available no votes were taken and meeting adjourned at 6:30.

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