FOLB Board of Directors Feb 8, 2018


Meeting called to order at 5:34 by Jerry Fischer.  Those present Donna and Dennis Henke, Adam Starr, Bruce Reeh, Brian Fairchild, Brad Schneider, Jim Penn, Chris Mead, Leonard Bentch, and Ron Moerbe.  Donna reported $600.22 in the General Fund.  Bruce volunteered to make copies of our membership forms.  Donna reported the new mailing address for FOLB is 341 Golfer’s Loop thus saving us several hundred dollars annually.  Discussion was held pertaining to various roles for the upcoming annual meeting on March the seventh.  Ron will meet with Touchstone concerning refreshments for the meeting.  Audio, visual will be Russell Immel.  The order will be vote on changing by-laws followed by election of officers, after Jerry introduces Brad, Jim and Brian and allows them time for elaboration.  Following this Jerry will introduce Chris and Clinton and they will each have a presentation.

The remainder of the meeting was involved with junior golf. Donna asked if anyone had researched UIL regulations concerning spending large amounts of money on student golfers and Jim said he had a letter from them stating there were no restriction as long as we gave the same treatment to all.  No distinctions to sex, race, instruction or religion. Ron will contact Mark Williamson, acting superintendent of schools concerning how best to contact students and parents about our new and expanded junior golf program. Jerry will have signs made, as needed, for the meeting being held by Touchstone on 22 Feb. and any we may need at the various schools. Arrangements were made to contact all private schools in the area.

Chris expounded on the fact that Touchstone is extremely interested in promoting junior golf and he is too.  Especially since he has children in the local system. Jim, Brian and Brad are all members at Boot Ranch and expressed a strong desire to support the program by raising funds and providing” boots on the ground”.  They mentioned that Immel Hale Director of Golf at Boot Ranch is strongly supportive and eager to restore the reciprocal program that worked so well in the past and resulted in numerous scholarships.  All in all it was a meeting filled with positive, vigorous discussions and promises to be an exciting meeting in March.

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