2018 General Membership Meeting


Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm March 7 by Jerry Fischer.  The treasurer reported $ 293.36 in the general account and $ 831.86 in the foundation fund.  The 2017 minutes which were electronically transmitted were accepted and approved.  A motion had been made to change that portion of section of Article 4 Section 4.4.1  was voted and approved to eliminate the sentence “The term for Directors shall be three terms.”  Motion was seconded and passed.

The members elected Leonard Bentch, Brian Fairchild, Dennis Henke, Ron Moerbe, Jim Penn, Bruce Reeh, Brad Schneider, Janie Schneider-Guynes, and Adam Starr to the board by voice vote.

Clinton Bailey brought up to date on the current status of leasing Lady Bird Golf Course to Touchstone Golf, a management company.

Jim Penn gave an excellent slide presentation depicting the past success the FOLB junior program has contributed toward the high school boys and girls golf teams.  Most notable being one state championship and three for the boys as well as a total of ten scholarships for golf.  He announced a broad, all inclusive program encompassing all students of public, private, and home school.  We are making plans for raising funds to furnish sports wear, instruction, and equipment to students.

Chris Mead, Touchstone Golf,Golf Director of golf at Lady Bird informed us that his organization is totally invested in junior golf and has donated $1 million in it to date.  He and DOG Immel Hale of Boot Ranch are starting a Junior Golf League consisting of LBJ, Boot Ranch and Riverhill.  He is interested in getting the community support for it as we do for baseball and soccer.etc.  There will no UIL impact if the contribution funneled through FOLB a 501.3.C charity and the school system to each student without prejudice.

Approximately 50 persons attended, some with their children and many questions were asked and answered.  Meeting adjoined at 6:30

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