April 2018 Board Meeting


Board of Directors

April 19, 2018

Meeting called to order at 5:35, Cardinal Room, Lady Bird Club House

Present were Leonard Bentch, Adam Starr, Dennis and Donna Henke, Brad Schneider, Bruce Reeh, Eric Zey, Janie Schneider-Guines, Ron Moerbe, Brian Fairchild and Jimmie Lukacs, non-voting.

Minutes of the April meeting accepted as submitted.

Financial:  Donna reported a total of $953.40 total funds, $341.86 in the general fund and $953.40 in foundation.  Leonard opined we should set up a separate account for the 501C3 portion to further separate the funds, especially in view of the anticipated volume of foundation funds.  This was agreed upon and Donna, the registered agent will do so.  Leonard said he will submit documents to the bank to set up a separate account.

Junior Golf:

Budget proposal provided by Brian is estimated at $250,000 for three years which includes remuneration to the pros for services rendered including uniforms, clubs. entry fees, and snacks.  The goal is to raise matching funds.  The letter request goes in next week.  Janie will promote the junior golf results and report back.


  • Leonard sorted thru our member’s email addresses and identified 137 who have ever belonged. Eric agreed to contact those no longer active and attempt to win them back.  He will report back.
  • Adam will work with Chris concerning bag tags for members as well as other incentives. He will report back.
  • Website issue has not been resolved due to Touchstone not having their portion running. We should use the website for transmission to members.  Forward traffic to Leonard.
  • Leonard will check the website Pay Pal portal and update it to receive donations.
  • Brian mentioned getting FOLB members to volunteer at golf courses for unskilled labor for pay or for donating the proceeds to the Foundation. Brian will follow up and discuss it with Chris.
  • The question was raised about the possibilities for grants. Leonard will question Clinton Bailey.  He will also contact Marc about speaking to the Billy Booster Club as a source of additional funds.
  • Eric says we need marketing to change perceptions about golf and the golf course. It was decided the May meeting will devoted to marketing tactics.
  • It was decided to join the Chamber next year after we have gained more visibility.
  • The board also discussed delving into the possibilities of joining the drive/chip/putt contests for possible fund-raising possibilities and developing a “team mentality or concept.” Adam will further explore these concepts with Chris and report back.
  • Brian will speak to Mary Carriker of First Tee in SA about the many positive precepts involved in golf that enhance young morals and ethics as well as her experience with developing teams.
  • Bruce will review Bylaws of INC and Foundation and recommend changes needed to make them conform to procedures. He will report back.

Adjourned 6:45

Ron Moerbe, Secretary

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