May Board Meeting


Board of Directors

May 17, 2018

Meeting called to order at 5:34 with the following Directors present: Leonard Bench, Donna and Dennis Henke, Bruce Reeh, Chris Mead, Adam Starr, Brian Fairchild, Jim Penn and Ron Moerbe.  The minutes from the April meeting were accepted with one correction.  The funds reported will be changed to read a total of $953.40 to be divided as follows $611.54 in Foundation funds and $341.54 in General funds less $27.11 to order new checks.  Donna will separate the funds into the correct accounts between now and June meeting.

Junior Golf

Jim Penn announced that he and Brian and Brad will sponsor a party for perspective donors on June 2 at Boot Ranch at the Putting Park including parents and kids.  Food and drinks will be furnished.

Adam and Chris reported attempting to decide whether to purchase bag tags for members or a none golf item to pass out to non-golfing members.  Quite a discussion ensued but Chris was authorized to purchase BAG TAGS  for $4 or less.  Adam will continue pursuing the item FOR NON GOLFERS by meeting with the owner of T-shirts, ETC.about shirts.  He will report progress at the June meeting.

Bruce is continuing his consolidation of founding documents and by laws but hopes to complete his task by year’s end.

Leonard reported that Marc Williamson will set up a meeting with the FHS Athletic Director and the Billie Boosters to meet with Leonard Janie,Jim and Bruce.

Drive, Pitch and Putt

Chris reported this endeavor is well on its way with LBJGC, Boot Ranch and Riverhill.  He estimates the cost for the six events to cost in the range of $200 per student  This includes 2 meals at each courses, a shirt and water.  CHRIS WILL LOOK INTO THE PRICE OF CAPS. Those who can’t afford it will referred to FOLB for aide.  Next Wednesday at 4 pm at Boot Ranch will be the first DPP tryouts.  We are all invited to participate and provide safety assistance.

Parting  comments by Leonard

He will be gone most of June and asked Jim to chair the meeting.

He asked for information about spreading Junior Golf info and was told of the usefulness of Facebook and other social media.  Also how quickly Wednesday’s photo was disseminated.  Our solution is to take more photos and continue this means of communication. He said he will contact Glenn Herzog and see if he will consent to take more photos.

It was moved and approved to adjourn at 6:30.

Ron Moerbe, Secretary

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