Board of Directors


Meeting called to order at 5:30.  Those present included Leonard Bentch, Chris Mead, Dennis Henke, Eric Zey, Bruce Reeh, Jim Penn, Brad Schneider, Brian Fairchild, Adam Starr, Ron Moerbe.

TREASURER”S REPORT:  $500 in the administrative fund and $42,138.41 in the junior golf fund.  It was noted that Donna wants to know what checks to buy.  Leonard says buy the three to a page with stubs and charge to administrative fund.  Treasurer will set up a ledger specifically to account for revenues and funds and expenses from tourney.  Jim offered to provide IRS letters to players to support tax deductions. There is no cost involved, the entrance fee is completely tax free.

OCTOBER TOURNEY:   A mom with kids in the junior golf program, Erica Benefield, offered to help raise funds.  Jim will make her chair person in charge of contacting firms wishing to set up tents, signs, etc. The tourney will be a shotgun start at 9:30 and be limited to 40 players.  Checks can be mailed to 341 Golfers Loop, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624.  Checks should be made FOLB Foundation or Junior Golf Foundation.  Each team must designate a team captain charged with gathering each players name, address and email address so tax deductible info can be sent.  After golf there will be a gathering for prizes and awards at the pavilion.  A drink cart will be available and each participant will be given two drink tickets good for beer or soft drinks.  No cash or credit cards will be utilized.  Additional tickets may be purchased.

Jim will contact Boot Ranch concerning lunch and other amenities.  He will also contact Cindy Gallager, chair of the Booster Club to raise interest.  Donna and Dennis will be out of town prior to the event and Jim will take over the the job of dealing with the checks.  It was not decided whether to award prizes, what type, or wether to give a trophy.  To be determined.

MISCELLANEOUS:  Several examples for a logo were advanced and discussed but it was decided to tweak this item for later action.  Chris said he may have to rethink his junior golf classes because of the massive amount of turmoil at the begining of school and competing interests.  He is planning to try two Saturdays a month.

Discussion was held concerning our next meeting since it will interfere with Fun After 5 scheduled to be held at Lady Bird and we need to be represented there.  It was agreed to meet on Thursday September 13 at 5 pm  and participate in the Fun After 5 program on September 20.

Reimbursements for instructors: Accountant’s advice is to use 1099 form.  We can reimburse instructors at intervals during the year and in round dollar amounts.  A policy for reimbursement will be worked out.  Jim will speak to Boot Ranch people.

Jim and Leonard will meet with FISD to gain and discuss our support for FMS and FHS golf teams.  Additionally. FOLB will offer SNAG equipment for elementary school if a golf instructor can be found.  Chris offered to provide instructor training’

Meeting adjourned at 6:30


Ron Moerbe

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