Board of Directors October 3 2018

FOLB Foundation & FOLB, Inc.

Meeting called to order at 5:31 at Lady Bird Club House.

Present were Brian Fairchild, Eric Zey, Leonard Bentch, Jim Penn, Ron Moerbe, Brad Schneider, Adam Starr, Chris Meade.

Minutes from previous meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer report:  Donna is out of town, no report available.

Tournament:  Jim Penn


Approximately $56,000 in the Foundation fund

In excess of $1,000 in the admin fund.

21 teams (84 players) are paid up or will be prior to Monday.

We have $1500 coming in from JP Morgan and some sponsors.

To date we have received $21,000 from players and $10,852 from sponsors.

The ad to thank sponsors will be $680

Predicted approximately $3000 for total expenses.

We expect to clear $25-26,000.  Abbie Jones has helped tremendously.


Boot Ranch practice range opens at 8 am.

We will park in the lot and  someone will pick you and your clubs up and take           you to your locker.

Gather at 9:15 at  the Pavilon.

A letter will be provided to team captains for distribution detailing further details.

There will be beer [bottled and keg] rum, Tacos, hot dogs, chips, dips.

Prizes for first, second, third teams, long drive and CTP discussed

Logo:  Jim Penn

Jim displayed several logos and they were discussed but not agreed upon.

Criteria:  readily identifiable, simple, monochromatic

Anticipate two logos:  silhouette for sewing, circle with Jr. Golf for silk screen

Work continues.

SNAG:  Jim Penn

SNAG equipment has been purchased for $1200

Plan is to give to FES

Jody Wilder has been identified as PE coach

Chris offered to provide training

Golf Simulator:  Leonard

Wellness Center has agreed to make the simulator available to be sure it works

FISD staff is searching for an adequate location

Hopeful Wellness Center will donate if it works and can be updated

FISD golf teams:  Jim Penn

Hats purchased and distributed for the golf teams

Team shirts needed:  measurements for the teams requested

Future purchases may include shorts and trousers, belts, shoes, small back packs.


We discussed how to promote our services to FISD and get them actively and    monetarily  involved.

We must plan more events and perhaps invite the primary persons to our meetings.

We need to find ways to communicate with the school golfing staff.

Brad reported the boys team placed fifth place against tough completion at River        Crossing last weekend.

Governance:  Leonard

Review of IRS documents show Federal EIN with 501 c3 belongs to FOLB    Foundation

Should be straight forward to close FOLB, Inc.

Plan to revise bylaws prior to the general membership meeting in January


The three main issues facing us are governance issues, branding and school relationships.

Next meeting:

May have to change date as Wednesday, November 21 is Thanksgiving weekend.

Meeting adjourned at 6:40

Rom Moerbe


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