November Board Meeting

FOLB/ FOLB FOUNDATION          Board of Directors           November 14, 2018

Called to order at 5:30, Lady Bird Club House

Present:  Adam Starr, Chris Mead, Leonard Bentch, Brian Fairchild, Eric Zey, Bruce Reeh, Ron Moerbe, Jim Penn.

Minutes of October 3 meeting accepted

Treasurer’s Report:  Accepted


Administrative account:                                                             $   1002.80

Junior Golf Foundation account:                                             $ 61899.08

Total assets:                                                                                  $ 62901.88


Junior Golf Clinics:

Professional fees                                                           $  5625.00

Golf Equipment

SNAG                                   $  1200.00                                                                                                     FISD

Practice shirts                                                                $      77.92

Golf Hats                                                                         $   791.64


Expenses:                                                                                       $  2831.00


Players                                               $21250.00

Sponsors                                            $ 7718.00

Total                                                                                 $29028.00

Net:                                                                                                $26197.00


Junior Golf Tournament

  •  Tax letters sent to all sponsors/donors
  • Suggestions for next year’s tournament:
    • Start soliciting sponsors months in advance.
      • Be better organized [or be organized] form committees for players, tournament underwriters.
      • Leverage FOLB board and other members for networking wouldbe sponsors.
    • Create multiple levels for sponsors
      • Platinum $1-2,000
      • Gold $500.
      • Silver to under write tourney costs.
    • Expand silent auctions.
    • Advertise and communicate expansively before the event.
    • Schedule event in summer or early fall and have a fall back date.
      • Saturday would best.
    • Involve FHS students as caddies if it is not prohibited by ILU.
    • Need to serve breakfast, tacos, coffee, pastries.
  • Committees: Tournament-
    • Budget/planning
    • Food, beverage
    • Check in
    • Awards
    • Players-solicitations, tracking, gifts, communications,
    • Sponsors-strategy [levels] ,planning, execution, silent auction.

 Discussion Pertaining to Meshing with FISD

  • Jim and Leonard met with the Jeff Brasher, FISD Superintendent about UIL rules that govern donations to the golf teams. Jim has been in contact with UIL director in Austin, Mr. Martinez. Our goal is to make golf affordable to all kids in our area.  UIL rules state that financial support for any activities that occur during school time must be funded through the school system, any equipment including apparel used by the students must be returned to the school, PGA (non school staff) professional instruction not allowed during school time.  If there is a rules violation, the school (staff and team) are the culpable parties.
  • Adam has reviewed UIL regulations and will continue to stay updated
  • Junior Golf Foundation could establish a scholarship fund that provides equipment and instruction but would have to open to all applicants. Specific criteria could be established.
  • Options: Joining the Billies Boosters Club or starting our own Boosters club.
    • A lively discussion ensued. Leonard noted that we are not in the business of raising a bank account and we need to spend the money in a timely and transparent manner.  The central issue is arbitrating between on school and off school time for students.  The consensus is to work through the established Billie Booster Club for now.  Adam will speak with Cindy Gallagher, President
  • Initial plan: work with FISD staff to develop list of needed equipment such as uniforms, range finders, rain gear, and push carts.  These could be funded by giving a block grant to the Booster Club for specific use for the golf team.
  • Golf simulator
    • The simulator was picked up from WC by FISD and is being set up
    • Anticipate that the system is scalable and can be upgraded
    • Probably will need new projector, possibly new laser
    • Software downloaded to iPhone or iPad
    • Cost for new indoor set up through RainorShine is about $6000

Junior Golf Clinics:

Chris was asked if he needed clubs for his clinics.  He opined that it would be helpful if he had a budget of $10,000 to purchase a cache of clubs and just replace as needed.  He urged us to invest heavily in grades 6-8.  These will bear the bulk of fruit for our investment.  He said he would purchase tee shirts for his clinics to identify first time students.


  • Eric: IRS reporting requirements for <$200,000 allow EZ form
    • Quick Books may be the answer for our bookkeeping
    • He will speak to CPA Brad Finley and report back.
  • Leonard:
    • Close FOLB, Inc and notify city will no longer be concerned with 2009 resolution
    • FOLB Foundation will be stand along entity
      • Bruce will draft revision of FOLB Foundation bylaws
      • IRS 501 c 3 status belongs to the Foundation
    • Provide back ground checks for all who teach kids in clinics
  • General Membership Meeting
    • Plan to schedule in February
    • Will elect new board members and officers
      • Must have active board members who will attend meetings, take initiative and responsibility for projects.
      • Adam will speak to Cindy for recommendation of Billie Booster to be on board


  • Logo:
    • General consensus to use unisex golfer silhouette alone as logo without surrounding circle
    • Chris suggests that as FMS/FHS colors are red/black, most likely color would be


  • Use “Junior Golf Foundation of Fredericksburg” on stationary, etc.
  • Website: Jim will update to reflect Junior Golf Foundation as primary mission
  • FaceBook: Jim is considering becoming user for Golf Foundation

Adjourned at 6:55

RON MOERBE, Secretary

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