Board of Directors December 19



Board of Directors

December 19, 2018

Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 5:35 PM, Lady Bird Club House

Minutes:  November meeting minutes were approved as electronically submitted

Board members present: Leonard Bentch, Bruce Reeh, Brian Fairchild, Brad Schneider, Ron Moerbe, Jim Penn.

Treasurer’s report: Jim

Checking                       $  1,002.80

Foundation                    $60,216.54

Junior Golf

Tournament:  Jim

Jim presented detailed income/expense report

Income:  Teams            $21,250.00

Sponsors       $  7,778.00

Expenses (net)              $  2,831.00

Net Profit                        $26,197.00


Budget for FHS             $  9,415.00     Boys and Girls teams (5 players each)

Funding direct to FISD comptroller

Apparel, umbrella, range finders, etc

Motion approved to add backpacks and increase to 6 players (alternate)

Budget approved unanimously

Golf Simulator

Now at FHS

Waiting for removal of ceiling to accommodate 11’ height

Suggested FHS staff investigate laser, software, projector

Will need to re-establish license, download software, etc.

Keep Wellness Center informed to progress

Booster Club

No contact yet with Cindy Gallagher, president

Consensus to work through Billie Boosters

Funds direct to FISD

FISD will own the equipment

Students return equipment at end of season

Need to establish relationship and Jr. Golf Rep


Will need to stay up to date on rules/regulations

Working through Billie Boosters best for now

All funds to be submitted with detailed purchase list

Require receipt of purchased equipment for tax purposes


Equipment delivered to FES

Training date inadvertently missed, will reschedule

Golf Clinics


Chris submitted budget request:  $5024.50 plus $200 shipping

Assorted clubs for juniors, R & L handed

Budget approved unanimously

Clinic sessions

Limited during winter and holiday season

New schedule for 2019 to be developed


Bylaws:  Bruce

First draft discussed at length:  main changes

Foundation stand-alone entity

Include Assumed Business Name: Junior Golf Foundation

Board decrease to 9 members from community

No ex-officio members

Touchstone GM to be on Board of Directors

Board members: actively support organization and attend

Recruit new members for skills and interest

Complete draft to be discussed at next meeting

Prepare to present to Gen Membership Meeting in March

Financial reporting

Use spread sheet and complete 1099 forms manually

IRS EZ forms for revenues <$200,000



Brad will submit articles re:  FHS teams to newspaper

Jim to work on Website with help from his niece

FaceBook still an option…waiting for first of the year


Slight changes made to differ from original drawing

Silhouette alone, Silhouette plus script, script alone

No evidence that logo is used by other group

Will look into getting Trade Mark rights

Annual member meeting

Schedule for March

Close FOLB, Inc.

Revise Bylaws for Foundation

Elect new board members

Notify City Attorney re:  No longer bound by Resolution

Meeting adjourned at 6:40

Next meeting:  January 16, 2019

Secretary,  Ron Moerbe

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