Annual Membership Meeting March 20, 2019



Annual General Membership Meeting

March 20, 2019

Call to order:   The meeting was held in the Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club and called to order at 7 PM following cocktails and hors de oeuvres.

Minutes:  The minutes of the 2018 Annual General Membership Meeting were approved as electronically submitted without additions or corrections.

Financial:  The financial report was accepted as stated:

Administrative account:                                                          $   1,002.80

Junior Golf Foundation account                                            $ 45,970.23

Total revenues                               $74,532.90

Total expenses paid                      $27,559.87

Checks not cleared                       $1,048.22


The corporate history of FOLB and FOLB Foundation was discussed:

FOLB, Inc.                          Original FOLB organization

Holds City Council Resolution of March 9,2009

Elected Board of Directors serves as Foundation Board

FOLB Foundation, Inc.    IRS 501 c 3 entity

Wholly owned subsidiary of FOLB, Inc.


FOLB, Inc.          Create finest golf venue for residents and visitors

FOLB Foundation, Inc.    Enhance golf experience for Juniors, Persons with                                                                        disabilities, and Seniors

Goals:   Accomplished

FOLB, Inc.

Professional Management for Lady Bird Golf Course

Adopt appropriate Financial Controls

Manage to Industry Standards

Incorporate Long range planning

Board Proposal:

Terminate FOLB, Inc.      Approved by motion and unanimous consent

Revise Bylaws of FOLB Foundation:

Stand alone corporation

Adopt new mission statement:  Approved by motion and unanimous consent

Assumed Name:  Junior Golf Foundation of Fredericksburg

Elect Board of Directors for FOLB Foundation, Inc.:  Duly elected by unanimous consent:

Leonard Bentch

Jim Penn

Ron Moerbe

Bruce Reeh

Brian Fairchild

Brad Schneider

Eric Zey

Janie Guynes

Shane Schmidt

Chris McDad

Adam Starr

Junior Golf Report:

Junior Golf Clinics

2018:  Over 20 clinics were conducted for juniors 7 to 16

$12,000 was spent on equipment for clinics.

Funded and donated 144 individual clubs and 27 golf sets for Clinics

Funded 7 PGA Professionals to conduct 20 Junior Clinics

2019:  Scheduled to begin April 6


Funded and donated SNAG (Starting New at Golf) sets to FES

Funded and donated shirts, pants, rain gear, range finders, umbrellas, back packs, fleece     shirts, FISD golf teams

Fund Raising:

Cocktail party at Boot Ranch raised $43,000

1st Junior Golf Tournament at Boot Ranch on October 8th

84 participants

25 businesses contributed

No cost to FOLB Foundation by Boot Ranch

$28,000 net was raised for junior golf.

Future plans:

Community event planned for Boot Ranch in May or June.

Birdies for Billies

Hal Sutton invites people to donate for every birdie he makes on Tour.

Spring Fling to show case Hill Country jewelry and home decorations

Vendors have pledged 10% to junior golf.

Second annual tournament is scheduled for September 9.

Purchasing for FISD:

SNAG equipment for all middle schools in Gillespie county.

Set up an operating golf simulator for FHS students.

Purchase a trailer to transport golf equipment to tourneys.

Explore funding Golf Haus on FISD campus

Continue to explore ways to provide a 3-hole course for beginners.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35

Ron Moerbe,  Secy

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