Board of Directors April 18, 2019



Board of Directors

April 18, 2019

Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 5:30, Lady Bird Club House

Present: Leonard Bentch, Adam Starr, Shane Schmidt, Bruce Reeh, Jim Penn, Ron Moerbe, Chris Mead.

Minutes:  Minutes of March meeting accepted as distributed by email

Financial Report:

Admin fund $1002.80.

Foundation fund $44,922.01.

General membership meeting:  Motion approved to pay bill for food and beverages $653.50.

Motion approved to retain Jan Hahne for preparation of 2018 IRS return.

Leonard, Jim and Adam will meet with her on May 2.

Election of Officers:

President:  Leonard Bentch

Vice President:  Jim Penn

Secretary:  Ron Moerbe

Treasurer:  Adam Starr

Social Media:  Chris McDade

Fund Raising:  Jim Penn

Junior Golf:  Shane Schmidt

FISD Liaison:  Leonard will approach Janie about being liaison


Motion approved:

Send notice to City Manager of termination of FOLB and Council Resolution of March 2009

File forms for termination of FOLB as Non- Profit Corp to Secretary of State.


Golf Simulator

Projector and computer functional

Laser not present.  Leonard will discuss with John Phelps, Wellness Center manager

Hitting net still not assembled; awaiting FISD maintenance support

Golf Trailer

Bruce and Shane will research trailers and get bids that include shelves and stenciling on the sides.  Recalling a conversation with Brasher at FHS he said we did not need to go through the Boosters.  Tim Kaman can give us a receipt for the trailer for our records.

Funds to out of town tournaments

We discussed paying for motels for overnight stays for long golf trips and it was decided to discuss this with the Boosters and attempt to find someone we can easily connect to.


On the 7th of May Chris and friends will teach classes at the Elementary school on how to use the SNAG-like golf equipment.


First is scheduled for the last weekend in April and then on alternate Fridays and Saturdays

Fund Raising:

Four fund raising events in 2019:

The Spring Fling,

Party at Boot Ranch on June 5,

Tournament on September 9.

Birdies for Billies.

Jim to meet with Calloux Foundation concerning grant for Junior Golf

New Business:

Annual meeting:

Consider different format for 2020 (joining junior clinic, hot dogs, etc.)

Will decide before next meeting

Leonard will be absent from May 7 to July.

Adjourned at 6:40

Ron Moerbe


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