Board of Directors February 20, 2019



Board of Directors

February 20, 2019

Meeting called to order at 5:30

Those attending were Leonard Bentch, Brad Schneider, Ron Moerbe, Adam Starr, Brian Fairchild, Jim Penn,

Eric Zey, Dennis Henke, Chris Meade.


Minutes of January 14 meeting were approved as published.

Treasurers Report

Checking $1002.80.  Junior Golf Foundation $54,880.98.


 Moved and seconded and passed to close FOLB INC.

FOLB, Inc. holds City Council Resolution of March 9, 2009

After Gen Membership meeting, notify city attorney relative to Resolution responsibility

Moved and seconded and passed to present the revised bylaws for ratification

Foundation hold IRS 501 c 3 certificate

Foundation will be stand-alone corporation

Includes Assumed Name “Junior Golf of Fredericksburg.”

General Membership Meeting


Scheduled for March 20, at 6:30 pm.

Ron will arrange refreshments

Brad volunteered to gather golf photos of Billies golfers for background pictures at the meeting.

Program: Governance:  Leonard

Corporate changes

Close FOLB,Inc

Ratify bylaws changes

Election of board members

Leonard is asking board members to decide if they will continue to serve

We are recruiting board members with specific skills

social media, legal, treasurer, fund raising, etc

Officers are elected by board at next meeting

Program: Junior Golf: Jim

Junior Golf Program





Team support

Fund Raising

Birdies for Billies

Spring Fling

Boot Ranch tournament:  September 9

Long range plans

Consider intermediate projects: team trailer, vehicle, other

Future:  Golf Haus, par three course


FHS team

Chris is an approved vendor for FHS making purchases much easier

The bulk of equipment ordered has arrived with the exception of some odd seizes.

We did not order umbrellas so will do so now.

It is almost time to put in the fall order to insure prime selections.

Leonard said again it is necessary to create some alliances with the major players at FHS.

Jim and Leonard will meet with FISD superintendent on Monday to facilitate interaction


FHS has not installed the simulator (delivered in November)

Several expressed general frustration with FHS staff

Wellness Center management has asked about status of simulator

Jim will contact John Hext to offer our help


Clinics begin April 6 and will be posted on various sites.  Clinics will be held on Fridays and Saturdays.  The summer schedule will be posted for June and July soon.

Chris stated he needed an additional four sets of clubs of longer length.  Approval granted.

Fund Raising

Birdies For Billies

Golfer Hal Sutton has begun his program and raised more than $500 the first week

Hal will donate $10 for each birder

Flyers with link to pledge emailed to everyone on our lists

Anticipated donation up to $10,000

Annual Junior Golf Fund Raiser Tournament

Our annual tourney is scheduled for September 9, 2019 at Boot Ranch.

Planning begins at April board meeting

Spring Fling

Organized by Carol Penn

Pledging 10% of proceeds to Junior Golf Foundation



Jim and his niece have begun creation on SquareSpace

Needs phots:  Brad will gather FHS team photos


Notice of General Membership meeting in this week’s edition plus up to date of meeting

Notice of Junior Golf Clinics

Next meeting will be on March 13 at 5:30, the week before General Membership meeting

.Adjourned at 6:45   Ron Moerbe secy

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