Annual Membership Meeting March 20, 2019

April 30, 2019



Annual General Membership Meeting

March 20, 2019

Call to order:   The meeting was held in the Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club and called to order at 7 PM following cocktails and hors de oeuvres.

Minutes:  The minutes of the 2018 Annual General Membership Meeting were approved as electronically submitted without additions or corrections.

Financial:  The financial report was accepted as stated:

Administrative account:                                                          $   1,002.80

Junior Golf Foundation account                                            $ 45,970.23

Total revenues                               $74,532.90

Total expenses paid                      $27,559.87

Checks not cleared                       $1,048.22


The corporate history of FOLB and FOLB Foundation was discussed:

FOLB, Inc.                          Original FOLB organization

Holds City Council Resolution of March 9,2009

Elected Board of Directors serves as Foundation Board

FOLB Foundation, Inc.    IRS 501 c 3 entity

Wholly owned subsidiary of FOLB, Inc.


FOLB, Inc.          Create finest golf venue for residents and visitors

FOLB Foundation, Inc.    Enhance golf experience for Juniors, Persons with                                                                        disabilities, and Seniors

Goals:   Accomplished

FOLB, Inc.

Professional Management for Lady Bird Golf Course

Adopt appropriate Financial Controls

Manage to Industry Standards

Incorporate Long range planning

Board Proposal:

Terminate FOLB, Inc.      Approved by motion and unanimous consent

Revise Bylaws of FOLB Foundation:

Stand alone corporation

Adopt new mission statement:  Approved by motion and unanimous consent

Assumed Name:  Junior Golf Foundation of Fredericksburg

Elect Board of Directors for FOLB Foundation, Inc.:  Duly elected by unanimous consent:

Leonard Bentch

Jim Penn

Ron Moerbe

Bruce Reeh

Brian Fairchild

Brad Schneider

Eric Zey

Janie Guynes

Shane Schmidt

Chris McDad

Adam Starr

Junior Golf Report:

Junior Golf Clinics

2018:  Over 20 clinics were conducted for juniors 7 to 16

$12,000 was spent on equipment for clinics.

Funded and donated 144 individual clubs and 27 golf sets for Clinics

Funded 7 PGA Professionals to conduct 20 Junior Clinics

2019:  Scheduled to begin April 6


Funded and donated SNAG (Starting New at Golf) sets to FES

Funded and donated shirts, pants, rain gear, range finders, umbrellas, back packs, fleece     shirts, FISD golf teams

Fund Raising:

Cocktail party at Boot Ranch raised $43,000

1st Junior Golf Tournament at Boot Ranch on October 8th

84 participants

25 businesses contributed

No cost to FOLB Foundation by Boot Ranch

$28,000 net was raised for junior golf.

Future plans:

Community event planned for Boot Ranch in May or June.

Birdies for Billies

Hal Sutton invites people to donate for every birdie he makes on Tour.

Spring Fling to show case Hill Country jewelry and home decorations

Vendors have pledged 10% to junior golf.

Second annual tournament is scheduled for September 9.

Purchasing for FISD:

SNAG equipment for all middle schools in Gillespie county.

Set up an operating golf simulator for FHS students.

Purchase a trailer to transport golf equipment to tourneys.

Explore funding Golf Haus on FISD campus

Continue to explore ways to provide a 3-hole course for beginners.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35

Ron Moerbe,  Secy

2018 General Membership Meeting

March 11, 2018


Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm March 7 by Jerry Fischer.  The treasurer reported $ 293.36 in the general account and $ 831.86 in the foundation fund.  The 2017 minutes which were electronically transmitted were accepted and approved.  A motion had been made to change that portion of section of Article 4 Section 4.4.1  was voted and approved to eliminate the sentence “The term for Directors shall be three terms.”  Motion was seconded and passed.

The members elected Leonard Bentch, Brian Fairchild, Dennis Henke, Ron Moerbe, Jim Penn, Bruce Reeh, Brad Schneider, Janie Schneider-Guynes, and Adam Starr to the board by voice vote.

Clinton Bailey brought up to date on the current status of leasing Lady Bird Golf Course to Touchstone Golf, a management company.

Jim Penn gave an excellent slide presentation depicting the past success the FOLB junior program has contributed toward the high school boys and girls golf teams.  Most notable being one state championship and three for the boys as well as a total of ten scholarships for golf.  He announced a broad, all inclusive program encompassing all students of public, private, and home school.  We are making plans for raising funds to furnish sports wear, instruction, and equipment to students.

Chris Mead, Touchstone Golf,Golf Director of golf at Lady Bird informed us that his organization is totally invested in junior golf and has donated $1 million in it to date.  He and DOG Immel Hale of Boot Ranch are starting a Junior Golf League consisting of LBJ, Boot Ranch and Riverhill.  He is interested in getting the community support for it as we do for baseball and soccer.etc.  There will no UIL impact if the contribution funneled through FOLB a 501.3.C charity and the school system to each student without prejudice.

Approximately 50 persons attended, some with their children and many questions were asked and answered.  Meeting adjoined at 6:30

December 6, 2017

FOLB General Membership Meeting 2016  PowerPoint Presentation

December 6, 2017


Meeting called to order at 5:37 with approximately 50 people attending.
Treasurers report showed $293.39 in the general fund and $831.8the junior golf fund for 2016.

It was moved and seconded to elect Joe Klammah to an additional year on the board.  Motion passed with a voice vote.

Jerry Fischer quickly reviewed the FOLB charter and introduced Tim Lehmberg, Executive Director of Economic Development Corporation.  Tim said he authored the LCRA study detailing the economic impact of the course on the city of Fredericksburg using the traditional methods used on all his previous studies.  The study verified an annual economic impact of $8.4 million.  He also high lighted year end sales tax figures of $5 million for the city and  $3 million for the county from Nov. 2015 to Oct. 2016 the fiscal year.  It was a record year showing a 40% increase for the city and 48.6% for the county.  Hotel and motel rooms gained 288 rooms but bed and breakfasts grew to 1178.  Real estate sales totaled $212 million, a 13% increase. But the average price of a home jumped by a whopping $63,000 to $361,726 in 2016 or an average of $180 per square foot.  Tim informed us that Gillespie County has a total of 40 wine producing licenses 32 of which belong to separate entities.

He also said 54% of residences in the city are second homes and that 31% of persons are retired making us third in the state and ninety first in the nation in retired per capita.

Tim was followed by Clinton Bailey, assistant city manager, director of public works and parks and recreation.  He detailed some of the projects he  has undertaken since assuming his new position: he resurfaced the driving range parking lot and moved the transformer and the tree stump.  His forces removed the fence on the ninth hole perimeter and replaced it with attractive stone and plans to plant pampers grass between them.  He had the hill cleared revealing a view of the club house.  He lighted the parking lot and promised additional lighting.  He caused the practice bunker to be repaired. He has also authored an aggressive tree plan for cutting and replacingg trees. He is going to get various signs place to announce the presence of a golf course.  He has had his crews mow the rough between fairways to enable faster play.  He has conducted various meeting with gruntled and disgruntled golfers assessing what needs to be done to increase play.  He has also suggested further advertising and publishing methods to further our exposure.

Alan Wooley, Director off Golf reiterated some of the projects that he and Tim are working on and gave an encouraging report on his wife’s health.  He also reminded everyone that golf is not meant to be fair and to learn to take the unfortunate bounces along with the good without doing damage to property or people.

We want to thank , Ann Armentrout, Anna Marie Kluber and Martin Kuykendall for there faithful service to this organization.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn and passed at 6:53.

December 6, 2017


Meeting called to order at 6:05.  Minutes from 2014 meeting were approved as transmitted. Treasurer reported $208.70 in the general account and $2,221.57 in the foundation .

Jerry reported the slate of officers to vote on ; Judy Chase, Jerry Fischer,Janie Guines,Brandt Kuntz, Bruce Reeh, Buzz Roye, Ron Moerbe, Mark Seitz, Adam Star, Eric Zey.  Jack made the motion to elect them all by acclamation, seconded by  Buzz Roye.  Motion passed.

Motion was made to delete the marketing and club house committees and add ad hoc as needed instead.  Motion passed.

Junior golf chairman Buzz Roye reported over 300 lessons provided to students during the past year to school kids and boys and girls club members.  Over two dozen students attended the eight week golf camp which culminated with two tournaments. Additionally scholarships and clubs were provided to those who had need.  In all 70 varsity, junior varsity, and middle school students were serviced.  This year there will be two tourneys  sponsored here.  The local Optimist Club sponsored two players in their national program and hope to sponsor more  students this year.  Mention was made of the proposed short 3 hole course for student play.  FOLB will take on the funding issue.

Alan’s State of Golf    He is celebrating his fourth year as DOG.  Total revenues $1,163,033.  Transfer from general fund $421,900.  $1,563,667 $152,452 below budget.  Total rounds 26,095, guests 11,271.  Out of county 5899 which is 52.33% of total.  We lost 62 days because of weather.  San Antonio lost 57 and every course along the Gulf did also.  The weather also affects turf conditions which further degrades play.

Alan spoke about the book “Tipping Point” by Malcom Gladwell.  He defines three types of people, Sales People.  These are folks who are positive and for things and promote them.  There are Connectors, they would bring someone to the practice facility or bring someone to the course to play.  There are Mavens they know a lot about everything and help others.  Alan asks us to be these kinds of people, supportive, positive.  Don’t bad mouth the course or the operation.  When you hear someone in town who is uninformed blowing…enlighten them.  Be a cheer leader!!!  Remember the LCRA study that credited the course with adding $8.5 million to the local economy.

The city is actively working on Phase Two of the overall plan the previous council approved.  This involves purchasing additional land behind the 6th tee box to move the maintenance facility and tear down the old one to make space for additional parking and room for a cart barn which will allow the purchase of electrical carts thereby reducing the cost per round from 80 cents per round to 9.

There is a program to reduce the effect of the brows surrounding the bunkers.  We are burning them now and when they grow out we will treat them with a growth retardant to reduce their effect.  Additional projects include additional drainage around #5 green, #9, area between the cart path and #1 white tee.

Lady Bird is scheduled to host 2 STPGA events.  We were named in a Dallas magazine publication listing us in the top public courses in the state. We were named to PING 100 top fitters.

Attending were councilmen Pearson, Neffendorf,Watson.  Mr. Watson mentioned he had voted to award us $45,000 to advertize the course.

Adjourned at 6:50

2014 General Membership Meeting Minutes: February 4,2014

February 12, 2014

General Membership meeting 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 7:00 pm Cardinal Room at Lady Bird
President Leonard Bentch called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM with approximately 50 people present.
Minutes of the 2013 General Membership meeting were sent electronically to all members. Mike Elvir moved to accept the minutes as submitted. Walt Remele seconded the motion and it passed.
Treasurer’s Report:
Ann Armentrout reported a combined treasury balance of $3,216.97.
FOLB General Account Balance: $500.
FOLB Foundation Balance: $2,716.97.
There were neither questions nor discussion. The report was accepted as presented.

Leonard introduced special guests City Manager, Kent Myers, Council Members Kathy Sanford and Graham Pearson and Director of the CVB, Ernie Loeffler.
Update 2013:
Projects which were accomplished:
• Part II of the USGA consultation
• Expansion of our junior golf program,
• Consolidation of the Green and Handicap Committees
• Annual FOLB Report to the City Council, 2013

Projects which were not accomplished:
o Greens and Grapes fall event… Relationships with area wineries have been established and now we must wait for the course to mature. Wine Enthusiast magazine, the premier wine publication, has named Fredericksburg as one of the top 10 wine destinations in the world. Dallas Morning News has placed Lady Bird on its ballot for the top 10 courses in the state of Texas. This combination looks dynamic!
o Joint FGA, LGA and SSMGA fundraising event to benefit junior golf. This still remain in the plans.
o The renewal of our marketing relationship with UTSA School of Business. Because of an increased CVB Marketing budget, upon which FOLB “ piggybacks”, we’ve postponed our contact with the university.
City Manager, Kent Myers:
Mr. Myers reiterated the city’s support for Lady Bird, pointing out its value to tourism, to our youth and to the general quality of life in Fredericksburg. Further, the city supports Alan and Shelly, a great team. His hope is that FOLB will remain involved. With regard to future plans, he reminded all that the city legally cannot sell the golf course. While it can lease the course to a professional management company, the city council has decided to “back off” and give Alan more time to fulfill plans they supported unanimously.
Walt Remele asked if it would be better to leave the course in Alan’s hands or to lease it out. Mr. Myers responded that there are many issues to be considered; before any drastic changes would be considered, an independent consultant would be hired to advise council on the matter.
Mike Elvir asked what Mr. Myers sees as the definition of “success” for the golf course. Mr. Myers responded that the course’s ability to meet the proforma plan originally presented to council and its ability to “break even” would be very important.
Norm Burnett asked how much the high school students are using the course. Mr. Myers answered that often there are 60-70 students out at Lady Bird!
Harry Scharold asked when Phase II of the proforma would begin. Mr. Myers: We’ll monitor Phase I for several years before implementing Phase II.
Buddy Frels voiced concern (that of his non-golfing friends) regarding the 1% 20-year loan from the Sanitation/Electric Departments. Councilman Graham Pearson responded to this question. By borrowing from the Sanitation/Electric Dep’t, FOLB didn’t have to go “outside” for a 4% loan. These departments have ½% interest earnings on their monies, so the loan was a win-win for everyone concerned!
Tom Hutton asked if it would be possible for the city to pay a portion of the expenses for the Cardinal Room (ie: heating/cooling) Mr. Myers mentioned that the building has been paid off. Unfortunately, he added, at this point utilization of the Cardinal Room has been limited by the lack of parking.
Leonard thanked Kent Myers for coming and addressing the group.
Strategic Planning: Jerry Fischer, Vice President
FOLB desires to grow the game of golf with emphasis upon youth golf.
Strategic Plans for 2014:
o Consider less frequent meetings and want to send minutes of our meetings directly to the membership.
o Develop more aggressive fundraising by the FOLB Foundation to benefit youth golf.
o Goals for our Standing Committees:
 Junior Golf- to become the main focus of FOLB
 Green Committee- resource to members and vehicle for feedback from the course Superintendent.
 Handicap Committee – to provide support for all competitions at Lady Bird

o Improve website by merging with future Lady Bird website. Continue access to: an electronic suggestion box. Continue to provide wooden suggestion box in the hallway as you enter the clubhouse (thanks to Bill Armentrout).
o Pursue higher level of participation with Chamber of Commerce – FOLB needs to increase awareness/significance of Lady Bird.
o Continue to sponsor USGA Site Visits both as a sign of our commitment to the community and to provide objective and authoritative opinion of green area operations for long term continuity.
o Continue Bag Tag program; this year we are trying a new non-personalized tags as a premium for membership.
o Continue Annual Report to City Council as authorized by City Council resolution (March, 2009) and perhaps make an executive summary available to the membership.
In closing his remarks, Jerry thanked all for being present and assured them that FOLB is their Ombudsman. What unites us is a pride and passion for our city with emphasis on Lady Bird. The course has much potential so it’s essential that we remain diligent. A million visitors a year come to Fredericksburg; we need to attract more and more of them to our golf course!
Board of Directors election: Leonard Bentch, President
FOLB Bylaws state that we may elect up to 15 members; we have 6 open positions.
Current board members continuing in 2014: Ann Armentrout, Leonard Bentch, Judy Chase, Jerry Fischer, Jerald Gold, Ron Moerbe, Bruce Reeh, Buzz Roye and Mark Seitz.
Nominations: Anna Marie Kluber, Joe Kammlah, and Martin Kuykendall. No new nominations were made from the floor. Walt Remele moved to accept the slate by acclamation. Motion was seconded and passed.
Junior Golf Committee Report: Buzz Roye
Edwin Dickens, P.G.A., has been heavily involved with teaching clinics, PE classes and individual lessons to juniors this year.
Alan Wooley, P.G.A., Emil Hale, P.G.A., Shelly Ross and Janie Guynes have supported youth golf education, as well and plan to continue to do so! Some 300 lessons were given in 2013.
Volunteers are still needed to help with youth clinics!
FOLB Junior Golf Project Proposals for 2014:
Joe Kammlah: Optimist International Junior Golf Tournament
 The O.I. program targets youth, ages 10-18, providing opportunities for them to compete and to learn more about the Optimist philosophies. Professional golfers who’ve competed in O.I. tournaments are Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, Davis Love III, Tiger Woods, Michelle McGann and Nancy Lopez, to mention a few.
 Optimist International Opportunities for 2014:
 FOLB and O.I. Fredericksburg to co-host a pre-qualifier tournament, hopefully in early June.
 O.I. will then sponsor one or more players to the O.I. district qualifier, Northgate C. C. (Houston), June 16th, tentatively)
 O.I. Championships, July 19-24, July 24-29, PGA National Resort, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.
Mark Seitz: Caddy- for- a- Day Fundraiser
Golfers would bid on individual caddies or spend a pre-determined amount of money then play with that youngster.
Ron Moerbe – Proposed Golf Teaching/ Practice Facility consisting of 3 holes.
 This would be beneficial to beginning golfers of any age, youth refining their skills before going out on the “real” course, or avid golfers who simply wish to vary their practice routines.
 Cost estimates (w/o volunteer labor) $50,000 and $15,000 per year, estimated maintenance.
 In preparation and to reduce costs, Alan and Bill arranged to receive 400 truckloads of fill dirt have been reclaimed from the swimming pool excavation in the park.
 The facility would provide Lady Bird with a grass nursery.
State of Golf, 2014 – Alan Wooley, P.G.A., Director of Golf
Assumed Director of Golf 3 years and 18 days ago
Alan gave special thanks to FOLB and to his staff for all of the support they have given him.
Increased revenues from $1.15 million in 2011(last full year of operations prior to renovation) to $1.4 million in 2012.
During fiscal 2013, 58% of green fees are from golfers (over 9,000) who have come to play from out of county!
Lady Bird memberships are on same pace as last year
NOT-SO-GOOD News: Lady Bird has lost a month of play due to the weather. We are 17% behind play from last year and 27% behind budget.
Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course has been included in the Dallas Morning News’ ballot for “Best Golf Courses in Texas”!
Lady Bird will be hosting 2 big events this year for the South Texas PGA:
Senior Series event in June which will bring 80 players for 2 days
Prestige Tour Junior event in September which will bring 84 of the best junior golfers in our section (along with their families) for 3 days
Marketing update:
Online: March-May will feature banner ads on newspaper websites in Houston, Dallas and Austin.
Print media: Ads in Avid Golfer, Texas golf Insider, Links and Texas Bound for Golf, Travel Host, Best of Fredericksburg, Chamber and Visitors’ Guide.
Radio: During April radio shows featuring Lady Bird will air in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.
New Website should be up and running in early March.
Chamber Events:
Fun After 5, a Chamber event, will be held at Lady Bird in May.
Future plans:
Fredericksburg High School golf team is ready to start its season and is looking very strong!
Player-development activities:
• Get Golf-Ready Clinics I
o Cost is $99 per player.
o Teaches the foundations to the game of golf:
 putting, chipping, pitching, sand play, irons, woods,
 basic rules, etiquette
 playing the course.
o Classes are limited to the first 8 registered and paid students.
 Ladies only: Tuesdays, (9-10:15 A M) March 18, 25, April1, 15 and 22
 All Golfers: Saturdays, (10-11:15 AM) April 5, 12, 19, 26, and May 3rd
• Get Golf-Ready Clinics II-Ready for More
o Students will learn how to practice efficiently and get scoring results.
o Prior Practice and play required
o Attending the Get Golf-Ready I is preferred.
o Classes are limited to the first 8 registered and paid students.
o Ladies only: Wednesdays (5:45- 7:00 PM), April 16, 23, 30, May 7 and 14th -$99
o All Golfers: Wednesdays (1:00-2:15 PM, May14, 21, 28) – $75
• Questions or to Register, call Edwin Dickens, P.G.A., (830) 992-0077 or (830) 997-4010

Expanded Hours at Lady Bird:
With the time change will come expanded hours, opening daily at 7:30 AM.
Some consideration is being given to ½ day on Mondays, but Alan is not in favor due to the increased labor costs and the fact that the maintenance crew needs the time to work on the course.
Steve Wilmoth asked about rotating tee boxes. Alan assured everyone that that can be done. Stop by his office and he’s happy to discuss it.
Buddy Frels asked if the range might be opened on Mondays. Alan reminded all that it will be in Phase II when the practice building, complete with ball machine and other teaching aides, will be constructed. He is hesitant to put a ball machine down on the range for fear of vandalism.
Buddy followed up with….”how about a practice ball membership”. Alan responded, “It’s coming in April!”

Other Business:


Leonard encouraged all present to join or renew their membership today: Dues $10 which includes 2014 FOLB Bag Tag.
Membership materials will be available at the Golf Shop.
In order to have a voice, FOLB needs members.

Ron Moerbe moved to adjourn. Bruce Reeh seconded the motion and it passed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.
Respectfully submitted:
Judy Chase

General Membership Meeting Minutes: January, 2013

September 13, 2013


General Membership meeting 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013    5:30 pm   Cardinal Room at Lady Bird

President Leonard Bentch called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm with approximately 40 people in attendance.

Minutes:  A motion was made by Ron Moerbe and seconded to accept the minutes of the 2012 General Membership Meeting as electronically delivered. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:   Ann Armentrout reported a combined treasury balance of $3,225.37 including $2440.40 in the FOLB Foundation.  There were no questions or discussion.

Introductions:  Leonard introduced special guests City Manager Kent Myers, City Councilman and Mrs. Graham Pearson and Director of the CVB, Ernie Loeffler.

Mission Review:  Vice President Jerry Fischer  presented   a  review of FOLB’s mission, to work closely with the city of Fredericksburg to create the finest affordable golf venue for Fredericksburg residents and visitors.  Our vision also includes the creation of a destination golf experience to support tourism.  Finally, we support the creation of an excellent junior golf program.  In pursuit of these goals, FOLB brought in the USGA to analyze Lady Bird Municipal Golf Course and to recommend the best way to proceed. One major observation made was that Lady Bird was being managed like a park, not a business with fine profit potential.  Today we have management dedicated to the success of this course!

FOLB 2012 Projects in Review:  President Leonard Bentch described our year

  1. Co-sponsored USGA Consultation in January
  2. Established standing committees – Green, Junior Golf and Handicap
  3. Continued consideration of the USGA Audubon Sanctuary Program
  4. Planning, in conjunction with the CVB, for Greens and Grapes Golf Event which will showcase local wineries and the renovated golf course (profits to benefit Junior Golf)
  5. Met with the new city manager to discuss FOLB goals and the annual report to City Council
  6. Submitted 3rd Annual Report on Golf to  City Council
  7. Established structure for accepting general and designated donations
  8. Renewed relationship with UTSA School of Business


Junior Golf:  Chairman Buzz Roye reminded attendees how fortunate we are to have two local pros so interested in youth golf, our own Alan Wooley and Boot Ranch’s Emil Hale.  8 monthly clinics have been scheduled beginning on January 29th here at Lady Bird and the next at Boot Ranch.  These will alternate locations and continue through November.

Fundraising for Junior Golf:   100 Holes Golf Marathon undertaken by Alan and Emil and proceeds from the movie Seven Days in Utopia  yielded $2,400 this year!

Goals:  Continued support of the FHS Golf teams, outreach to interested juniors in middle and private schools as well as the Boys and Girls Club.  Transportation to and from events remains a challenge.  Volunteers will be needed!

Future Junior Events:  Alan Wooley serves as Junior Golf Committee Chairman of the South Texas Section of the PGA and mentioned Lady Bird as a possible venue for future Junior Golf Tournaments .

Green CommitteeChairman Ron Moerbe  reminded us that it is highly unique for a municipal golf club to have a Green Committee.    Members of our committee are Chairman Ron Moerbe, Donna Henke of the LGA, Mark Seitz of the FGA and Bill Armentrout of the SSMGA. Responsibilities include gathering comments to pass on to Alan Wooley and Bill Hannah at the monthly meeting.  In return, members learn what is happening at the course and what the problems are.

Members specifically have relayed complaints about the eyebrows on bunkers; lost balls have been a big problem.

A new mower has been obtained to keep grass around the bunker at a 3” height.

There will be a green modification coming to hole # 14.

John Penaloza asked when the bunker sand will “firm up”. Bill Hannah responded that we have Poteet  sand which costs 1/3 to ¼  as much as the better sand varieties.  This was in our budget and we’ll have to learn to live with it.

Handicap CommitteeChairman Jimmy Lukacs introduced members Beverly Pesek from LGA, Tim Kaman from FGA and Wade Boone from SSMGA.  This committee is in its infancy, he indicated.  When FOLB was formed, we wanted to reflect as professional a course as possible.  Previously, we didn’t have a USGA recognized handicap system. Alan has adopted the GHINN system.

The USGA requires that the chairman of a handicap committee be USGA- trained.  How fortunate we are to have Jimmy’s expertise.  The committee will encourage all to play to the very best of their ability EVERY outing and to turn in EVERY score!

The committee has had one meeting to date with the goal of handicapping holes on the course from most to least difficult.  Mention was made of Equitable Stroke Control which Alan will introduce more broadly in his weekly news.

STATE OF GOLF 2013:  Alan Wooley, PGA

Alan presented a photo mock-up of the 2013 bag tag.

The renovation is complete and the reviews have been tremendous.


More importantly, the financial picture is

equally as good.  Comparing the 4th quarter of 2011 and that of 2012, Lady Bird revenues went from $206,000 to

$315,000! These results are with approximately 300 tee times a week out of inventory.  (closed on Mondays)

26% of our rounds have been out of county golfers.

Total revenue is up 53%.  Total revenue is 17% ahead of the Proforma.

Cart ridership is up 20% and cart revenue is up 82%.

Practice tee revenue is up 47%.

Food and beverage revenue is up 33%.

Marketing plan is in place.

New relationship with the CVB adding value to the Fredericksburg  experience.

Several new groups are coming to Lady Bird for 2013

Southwest Senior Golf Association

Texas Road Trip Couples

Texas Women’s Golf Association

Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce

Things that worry Alan:


Loss of key people

Economic impact

Increased overhead



New Opportunities:

Stay and Play packages – Inn on Barons Creek and La Quinta

State and Regional Tournaments

Cost savings and revenue for phases 2 through 5. (2=vertical structures and parking; 3=Cardinal Room;

4=remaining irrigation; 5=bridge)

A word about FOLB:

This renovation wouldn’t have been accomplished without your help.

I’m looking forward to working with the committees in 2013 – Junior Golf (Buzz), Handicap (Jimmy) and

Green Committee (Ron)

Important things concerning Lady Bird in the future makes having an organization like FOLB a huge plus!

Odds and Ends:

Thanks to the LGA for adopting my son while he was deployed.

Slow play, sandbagging and bad cart etiquette is best tackled by peer pressure.

Increased interest in the course has resulted in required tee times.


Ann Armentrout was elected  unanimously to a three-year term.


USGA Consultation, part 2

Greens and Grapes event in the fall

Joint MGA, LGA and SSMGA fundraising event to benefit Junior Golf

To expand the Junior Golf program

Consolidate Green and Handicap Committee

2013 Report on Golf to the City Council

Renew our relationship with the UTSA School of Business partnership



John Penaloza asked how to get a golf handicap.  Jimmy Lukacs responded, “ Join Lady Bird, pay $40 to Alan, $20 of which will pay for your handicap.”

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed and Leonard adjourned the meeting at  6:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Judy Chase