April 2018 Board Meeting

June 3, 2018


Board of Directors

April 19, 2018

Meeting called to order at 5:35, Cardinal Room, Lady Bird Club House

Present were Leonard Bentch, Adam Starr, Dennis and Donna Henke, Brad Schneider, Bruce Reeh, Eric Zey, Janie Schneider-Guines, Ron Moerbe, Brian Fairchild and Jimmie Lukacs, non-voting.

Minutes of the April meeting accepted as submitted.

Financial:  Donna reported a total of $953.40 total funds, $341.86 in the general fund and $953.40 in foundation.  Leonard opined we should set up a separate account for the 501C3 portion to further separate the funds, especially in view of the anticipated volume of foundation funds.  This was agreed upon and Donna, the registered agent will do so.  Leonard said he will submit documents to the bank to set up a separate account.

Junior Golf:

Budget proposal provided by Brian is estimated at $250,000 for three years which includes remuneration to the pros for services rendered including uniforms, clubs. entry fees, and snacks.  The goal is to raise matching funds.  The letter request goes in next week.  Janie will promote the junior golf results and report back.


  • Leonard sorted thru our member’s email addresses and identified 137 who have ever belonged. Eric agreed to contact those no longer active and attempt to win them back.  He will report back.
  • Adam will work with Chris concerning bag tags for members as well as other incentives. He will report back.
  • Website issue has not been resolved due to Touchstone not having their portion running. We should use the website for transmission to members.  Forward traffic to Leonard.
  • Leonard will check the website Pay Pal portal and update it to receive donations.
  • Brian mentioned getting FOLB members to volunteer at golf courses for unskilled labor for pay or for donating the proceeds to the Foundation. Brian will follow up and discuss it with Chris.
  • The question was raised about the possibilities for grants. Leonard will question Clinton Bailey.  He will also contact Marc about speaking to the Billy Booster Club as a source of additional funds.
  • Eric says we need marketing to change perceptions about golf and the golf course. It was decided the May meeting will devoted to marketing tactics.
  • It was decided to join the Chamber next year after we have gained more visibility.
  • The board also discussed delving into the possibilities of joining the drive/chip/putt contests for possible fund-raising possibilities and developing a “team mentality or concept.” Adam will further explore these concepts with Chris and report back.
  • Brian will speak to Mary Carriker of First Tee in SA about the many positive precepts involved in golf that enhance young morals and ethics as well as her experience with developing teams.
  • Bruce will review Bylaws of INC and Foundation and recommend changes needed to make them conform to procedures. He will report back.

Adjourned 6:45

Ron Moerbe, Secretary

FOLB Board of Directors Feb 8, 2018

February 9, 2018


Meeting called to order at 5:34 by Jerry Fischer.  Those present Donna and Dennis Henke, Adam Starr, Bruce Reeh, Brian Fairchild, Brad Schneider, Jim Penn, Chris Mead, Leonard Bentch, and Ron Moerbe.  Donna reported $600.22 in the General Fund.  Bruce volunteered to make copies of our membership forms.  Donna reported the new mailing address for FOLB is 341 Golfer’s Loop thus saving us several hundred dollars annually.  Discussion was held pertaining to various roles for the upcoming annual meeting on March the seventh.  Ron will meet with Touchstone concerning refreshments for the meeting.  Audio, visual will be Russell Immel.  The order will be vote on changing by-laws followed by election of officers, after Jerry introduces Brad, Jim and Brian and allows them time for elaboration.  Following this Jerry will introduce Chris and Clinton and they will each have a presentation.

The remainder of the meeting was involved with junior golf. Donna asked if anyone had researched UIL regulations concerning spending large amounts of money on student golfers and Jim said he had a letter from them stating there were no restriction as long as we gave the same treatment to all.  No distinctions to sex, race, instruction or religion. Ron will contact Mark Williamson, acting superintendent of schools concerning how best to contact students and parents about our new and expanded junior golf program. Jerry will have signs made, as needed, for the meeting being held by Touchstone on 22 Feb. and any we may need at the various schools. Arrangements were made to contact all private schools in the area.

Chris expounded on the fact that Touchstone is extremely interested in promoting junior golf and he is too.  Especially since he has children in the local system. Jim, Brian and Brad are all members at Boot Ranch and expressed a strong desire to support the program by raising funds and providing” boots on the ground”.  They mentioned that Immel Hale Director of Golf at Boot Ranch is strongly supportive and eager to restore the reciprocal program that worked so well in the past and resulted in numerous scholarships.  All in all it was a meeting filled with positive, vigorous discussions and promises to be an exciting meeting in March.

FOLB Board Meeting January 2018

January 23, 2018


Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm. Present were Jerry Fischer, Judy Chase, Adam Starr, Dennis Henke and Ron Moerbe.  March was discussed and agreed upon as the preferred date for the annual meeting.  Notice to the local paper is due two weeks prior. Jerry will handle the notification.  We must have elections.  Judy, Jerry and Ron are term limited out without amending the bylaws.  The board will propose to amend Article Four Section 4.1 to exclude the sentence “The term for each Director shall be three teams.”  Several prospective Board members are Leonard Bentch, Judie Allen, Jim Penn, Doug Featherstone, Ron Moerbe.  Donna Henke suggested researching whether the city will allow us to have FOLB mail delivered to the Pro Shop since our current box at the Post Office is costing $161 annually and the cheapest available is $94 and no important mail is delivered there.  Dennis said he would handle the chore.  He will talk to Chris and Clinton Bailey.  Treasurers report states $141.86 in the Foundation Fund and $458.36 in the General.  Since no quorum was available no votes were taken and meeting adjourned at 6:30.

FOLB Board Meeting Minutes: November 12, 2013

December 3, 2017

Board Meeting: Cardinal Room at Lady Bird Golf Club on Tuesday, November 12, 2013
President Leonard Bentch called the meeting to order at 5:32 pm
Present: Leonard Bentch, Shelly Ross, Ann Armentrout, Anna Marie Kluber, Jerry Fischer,
Ron Moerbe, Joe Kammlah, Bruce Reeh, Mark Seitz, Bill Lindemann, Jimmy Lukacs, Alan Wooley
And Judy Chase.
Absent: Buzz Roye, Jeff Jeffers, Jerald Gold, and Ernie Loeffler.
September Minutes were approved as electronically transmitted.
Treasurer Ann Armentrout reported a General Fund Balance of $1,018.50 and a Foundation Balance
Of $2,249.47 for a total of $3,267.97.
Leonard introduced the topic for the evening, initial planning for our January General Membership Meeting. After 5 years, where does FOLB go from here? Several relevant questions were posed to the group and discussions were energetic and far-ranging. Alan operated the overhead and interjected key information when needed.
Questions considered:
Who Are We? A citizen group in support of Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Golf Course; a tax-exempt entity which can receive and hold tax-free funds; a group responsible to City Council Resolution. The group decided that, instead of “responsible”, we preferred the word “authorized” by the Council Resolution.
Mission and Values: these were parsed line by line. It was noted by Bill Lindemann that if the board doesn’t have control, then we work only in an advisory capacity. Perhaps there is a place for volunteerism. Jerry Fischer quickly pointed out that volunteers represent “risk” to the city government.
Joe Kammlah and Jerry Fischer came to similar conclusions, that there is a great need to EDUCATE both the City Council and citizens about the golf course.
What We Do: some of our current responsibilities may no longer be required… We must closely consider these.
S.W.O.T. : a process by which we were able to analyze and discuss points dispassionately in an effort to prioritize and to see where we are to “go” next. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Using this method, we reviewed our monthly meetings, our tax-exempt status, how FOLB provides a “home” for committees, our website, our membership in the Chamber of Commerce, the USGA Site Visits, Bag Tags past and future, and our Annual Report to City Council. Many excellent points were made and some will be honed further next meeting in preparation for January’s meeting. For example, there was widespread disappointment in the quality of the USGA report following the most recent visit. The cost ($2,400) was not reflected in the product we received; Jerry Fischer suggested that, instead of totally discarding the USGA , in the future, we request a visit tailored to OUR specific needs, and a report that addresses those needs. (no more boiler plate reports). No one was very excited about bag tags. Regarding our Annual Report to the City, perhaps we should have it printed in the newspaper.
STRATEGIC PLANNING- areas to be considered carefully in December…
Why are we here?
What is our relevance?’
Who are our customers?
What do we do well?
What do we do poorly?
What should we do?
What is our relationship with the DOG?
How do we best perform to the City Council resolution?
Is Junior Golf important to FOLB members?
What other purpose is there for fundraising?
We have 2 board directors whose terms are expiring and will need to be replaced in January. Two others have indicated a desire to step down, and Jim Drewitz has passed away. We need to identify individuals interested in serving.
Our December Board Meeting needs to focus on identifying 3 action items which we can take to our membership.
It was suggested that we move the General Membership Meeting from 7 to 5:30 this January.
Alan passed out a photo showing a possible location for the 3-hole course down by the current cart barn. He told us the “course” could be constructed for $30,00-$50,000 and would require about $5,000 in annual maintenance. We are getting dirt from the pool construction site.
Jerry Fischer made a motion to fund Chamber of Commerce membership for another year. He asked if we need to for a search committee for a new president. Board feeling was that it could be done less formally.
Next meeting: December 10th
Ron Moerbe moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion was seconded and it passed.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.
Respectfully submitted:
Judy Chase, Secretary

FOLB Board Meeting Minutes: September 9, 2014

December 8, 2014


Meeting called to order at 5:35. Present: Jerry Fischer, Martin Kuykendall, Bruce Rheeh, Bill and Ann Armentrout, Buzz Roye, Mark Seitz, Alan Wooley, Leonard Bentch, Ron Moerbe.

DOG reported that the 100 hole challenge has netted $1100 so far, $300 below last year. FOLB provided two students with clubs and scholarships and three full scholarships, three partials as well. This was for the golf school which was completed last month.

Alan also reported on upcoming events which will be addressed in upcoming emails on his site.

He also reported on a meeting where he will report to city council on alternative options on LBJ management.

He may need volunteers for junior golf tournament September 20,21.

Alan reported approximately 29,000 rounds played this year and a $240,000 to $250,000 loss due to 60 days loss of play because of weather.

There was much discussion concerning the report to council but it was decided the topics would include security of assets at the course, junior golf, financial fundamentals, facts and figures of losses, increasing local play, moving on with phases of master plan, recommending meetings with FOLB, Alan and city manager expanding local membership. Jerry mentioned that the report is not expected until October.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30.

Minutes, Board of Directors, July 8, 2014

August 21, 2014



Meeting called to order at 5:35. Present Jerry Fischer, Martin Kuykendal, Mark Seitz, Bill& Ann Armentrout, Anna Marie Kluber, Joe Kammlah, Bruce Reeh, Buz Roye, Jerald Gold Ron Moerbe , Judy Chase.

The Treasurer reported a total in bank of $2416.67 $349.70 in general, $2066.97 in foundation funds.

Green committee reported on last years nematode report. Which is not self explanatory and may make more sense when we can compare it to this year. Also the committee is initiating a green repair program were members sign for a green then will repair ball marks on a regular basis. Recommended weekly.

Junior golf reported that the current program that goes at 4 pm Wednesdays at 10:30 am Saturdays will move to actual course play this Wed. and Sat. Terry Kaman represented us at the annual, national Optimist Club Tournament and placed sixth, only 3 places moved on to next level. No female golfer was sent because of scheduling conflicts.

Alan wants to admit one more student for the remainder of the program at $200 rather than the normal fee of $250 and wishes FOLB to donate that amount. Motion made,seconded and passed.

Alan said he would brief the council about the 2015 budget and he is looking at a possible shortfall this year. He feels the budget shortfall is due to decreased revenues from visitor rounds which can be traced to inclement weather which caused the course to be closed for approximately 60 days this winter. His first recommendation will be to make no changes and to continue with the council approved pro forma. If council choses not to accept this recommendation , he will offer additional proposals for changing fees which may or may not result in additional revenue. The board discussed several ideas concerning fees but was more interested in sustainability and affordability issues which were discussed in depth.

Leonard made some good points about each and he and Joe were chosen to represent FOLB at the budget meetings to express these points.

The budget briefings will be held on 14,17,28 July. Adjourned at 7:25.

April 8 2014 FOLB Board of Directors Minutes

May 15, 2014

Minutes of FOLB Meeting 4/8/2014


Meeting called to order by CEO Jerry Fischer at 1730 hours and a guest speaker was introduced as Ken Myers, City Manager for Fredericksburg who gave a factual presentation depicting the cities’ view point on the upcoming election concerning a proposed amendment that would prohibit transfer of city funds from Enterprise Funds without voter approval.  After this presentation the regular board meeting commenced at 1806 hours with the previous meeting’s minutes being approved by voice vote.  The Treasurer reported no change in monies from the previous balance of $3,278.67.  No reports from Junior Golf or Green committees.  DOG reported that aerification is scheduled to begin April 21, weather permitting.  PING Demo day is scheduled for April 19.  There was much discussion concerning the resurrection of the proposed Greens and Grapes event with an informal agreement to leave further planning and discussion for a later date.  Much discussion involved the upcoming Fun After Five event scheduled for April 24 at 5:30 at Lady Bird.  It had been previously agreed that FOLB would pay $250 to fund a table and arrangements have been and are being made to man that table and Mark Seitz has been appointed to submit ideas for prizes and Alan is also helping to find  junior golfers and prizes.  Alan suggested that FOLB consider combining efforts with the Chamber of Commerce in sponsoring the Greens and Grapes event.  Meeting adjourned at 1855 hours.


Ron Moerbe, Secretary