Board of Directors September 13, 2018

September 17, 2018


Board of Directors

Meeting called to order at 5:05

Present: Adam Starr, Bruce Reeh, Janie Schneider-Guynes, Leonard Bentch, Jim Penn, Brad Fairchild, Dennis Henke, Donna Henke, Brad Schneider, Ron Moerbe.

Minutes of August meeting:

Approved as amended with changing tournament contestants from 40 to 80.

Treasurer Report:

$387.80 in the admin fund and $46,036.21 in foundation funds.  With an additional $3250 in sponsorship funds to deposit.

Tournament details:

Jim reports that 15 teams have committed, 5 teams have paid, and five more teams are needed. Sponsorships have generated $3250.  Additional pledges from Hermann and Sons Insurance (Dennis Henke) and Bruce Reeh Construction (Bruce Reeh) for $500 each. Other potential sponsors include Alstat Brewery to donate beer and Iron Goat rum to donate product and cocktails.  Cost commitments to date are approximately $3250 for meals, tokens, hats, divot tools, tees, balls and koozies for player prizes.  Discussion was held about buying a permanent trophy to be inscribed with the winning team.  The purpose would to market the tournament and increase visibility for Junior Golf.  Decision made to consider a plaque that could have names added over the years to be displayed at Lady Bird.  More information concerning style and pricing to follow.  Decision made to provide prizes for first place ( sterling silver ball markers donated by Champs Jewelry), second place (wine tour or products), and third place logo golf ball  (Brian will donate 2 boxes of Boot Ranch, Leonard will donate two boxes of Lady Bird —-the two types to be mixed so each player gets one box).


Fredericksburg Golf Team:  The team needs money to participate in a tourney at TPC SA.  It was moved, seconded and approved to donate $250 to this cause.  Jim will be sure that Junior Golf Foundation gets notice at FISD including Booster Club.

TrackMan:  The Wellness Center owns a TrackMan system for golf instruction but has not used it for several years.  Leonard will speak with JP at the Wellness Center to find out availability for purchase, lease, or partnership so that the system can be set up at FHS.  Important will be assurance that the system is not obsolete.

SNAG:  Jim will speak to Tim Kaman to find available persons at Middle School about placement of SNAG equipment and instruction before seeking approval from the Superintendent.   Chris and Alex have offered to train FISD personnel. Jim will find out about the SNAG equipment at Boot Ranch:  exactly what is available and price.

Junior Clinics:  Chris is holding junior golf clinics every other Saturday for the foreseeable future.  A full schedule is available on Face Book.

Jim discussed plans to pay instructors $75 per hour.  Each clinic lasts about 2 hours, not every instructor is involved in all clinics, so this way each of the instructors will be compensated for the time each spends teaching the kids.  Compensation will be provided at intervals, probably seasonally.

Fun After Five:

To be held at Lady Bird on September 20.  Our cost is$250.  Chamber supplies a table and table cloth.  Plans are to use junior golf club set, 8X11 flyers for tournament and summer clinics, plus give-aways of golf tees and koozies for display.  A sign-up sheet will be available for potential donors, volunteers, and golf tournament.  Volunteers include Donna, Dennis, Adam, Eric, Leonard.  Janie will invite the golf team to visit and participate after their practice.


It was agreed to hold a meeting on Wednesday October 3rd and every third Wednesday of the month thereafter at LBJGC at 5:30.

Meeting adjourned 6:05

Ron Moerbe, Secty

Board of Directors

September 1, 2018


Meeting called to order at 5:30.  Those present included Leonard Bentch, Chris Mead, Dennis Henke, Eric Zey, Bruce Reeh, Jim Penn, Brad Schneider, Brian Fairchild, Adam Starr, Ron Moerbe.

TREASURER”S REPORT:  $500 in the administrative fund and $42,138.41 in the junior golf fund.  It was noted that Donna wants to know what checks to buy.  Leonard says buy the three to a page with stubs and charge to administrative fund.  Treasurer will set up a ledger specifically to account for revenues and funds and expenses from tourney.  Jim offered to provide IRS letters to players to support tax deductions. There is no cost involved, the entrance fee is completely tax free.

OCTOBER TOURNEY:   A mom with kids in the junior golf program, Erica Benefield, offered to help raise funds.  Jim will make her chair person in charge of contacting firms wishing to set up tents, signs, etc. The tourney will be a shotgun start at 9:30 and be limited to 40 players.  Checks can be mailed to 341 Golfers Loop, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624.  Checks should be made FOLB Foundation or Junior Golf Foundation.  Each team must designate a team captain charged with gathering each players name, address and email address so tax deductible info can be sent.  After golf there will be a gathering for prizes and awards at the pavilion.  A drink cart will be available and each participant will be given two drink tickets good for beer or soft drinks.  No cash or credit cards will be utilized.  Additional tickets may be purchased.

Jim will contact Boot Ranch concerning lunch and other amenities.  He will also contact Cindy Gallager, chair of the Booster Club to raise interest.  Donna and Dennis will be out of town prior to the event and Jim will take over the the job of dealing with the checks.  It was not decided whether to award prizes, what type, or wether to give a trophy.  To be determined.

MISCELLANEOUS:  Several examples for a logo were advanced and discussed but it was decided to tweak this item for later action.  Chris said he may have to rethink his junior golf classes because of the massive amount of turmoil at the begining of school and competing interests.  He is planning to try two Saturdays a month.

Discussion was held concerning our next meeting since it will interfere with Fun After 5 scheduled to be held at Lady Bird and we need to be represented there.  It was agreed to meet on Thursday September 13 at 5 pm  and participate in the Fun After 5 program on September 20.

Reimbursements for instructors: Accountant’s advice is to use 1099 form.  We can reimburse instructors at intervals during the year and in round dollar amounts.  A policy for reimbursement will be worked out.  Jim will speak to Boot Ranch people.

Jim and Leonard will meet with FISD to gain and discuss our support for FMS and FHS golf teams.  Additionally. FOLB will offer SNAG equipment for elementary school if a golf instructor can be found.  Chris offered to provide instructor training’

Meeting adjourned at 6:30


Ron Moerbe

Board of Directors

August 22, 2018

Friends of Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Golf Course, Inc.

Friends of Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Golf Course, Foundation, Inc.

Board of Directors

JULY 18, 2018

Meeting called to order at 5:30.

Present were Brian Fairchild, Adam Starr, Chris Meade, Leonard Bentch, Ron Moerbe, Donna and Dennis Henke, Eric Zey, Bruce Reeh.

Treasurer’s Report: Donna reported $32,518.41 foundation funds but will transfer $500 back into the general as per by laws.

Minutes:  Accepted as stated.

Junior golf:

Discussion was about renaming the foundation fund name to further distinguish it from FOLB. Dennis suggested we name it something that does not begin with Fredericksburg, such as Junior Golf Foundation of Fredericksburg.  It was voted and approved.  Leonard met with an attorney and tax consultant: plan to consolidate the two corporations will require board resolution and vote at next general membership meeting at the first of the year.  Foundation Bylaws will need to be revised to state FOLB as stand-alone foundation and accepted by general membership.  City Council resolution seems moot subsequent to decision by city to contract with private management company.

Boot Ranch Tourney

Brian says they can accept 40 teams and will provide carts, lunch and prizes.  To be held on October 8, 2018, at a cost of $250 per individual.  Brian will contact Imel concerning a flyer.  Leonard will provide info to Chris and he will make up a sign-up sheet.  FOLB members will have first call on spaces then the general public.  Various board members will contact businesses about sponsoring holes.  Leonard will inform LGA and SSMGA.

Chris and golf clinics

He has two scheduled and then stops for August and resume later due to turmoil of starting school, etc.

Changes at FISD

Christy Danceis the new AD for girls.  Coach Moffet remains the ADT for boys.  New coaching staff changes to be announced.

Reimbursing pros for lessons

Chris could not give a figure for their services.  Leonard said we would not get into giving 1099’s.  It was decided to research the easiest way to reward the pros without a legal hassle.  Leonard will research this.  The board will set the rates of reimbursement.

Adjourned at 6:25

Ron Moerbe, Secretary



May Board Meeting

June 3, 2018


Board of Directors

May 17, 2018

Meeting called to order at 5:34 with the following Directors present: Leonard Bench, Donna and Dennis Henke, Bruce Reeh, Chris Mead, Adam Starr, Brian Fairchild, Jim Penn and Ron Moerbe.  The minutes from the April meeting were accepted with one correction.  The funds reported will be changed to read a total of $953.40 to be divided as follows $611.54 in Foundation funds and $341.54 in General funds less $27.11 to order new checks.  Donna will separate the funds into the correct accounts between now and June meeting.

Junior Golf

Jim Penn announced that he and Brian and Brad will sponsor a party for perspective donors on June 2 at Boot Ranch at the Putting Park including parents and kids.  Food and drinks will be furnished.

Adam and Chris reported attempting to decide whether to purchase bag tags for members or a none golf item to pass out to non-golfing members.  Quite a discussion ensued but Chris was authorized to purchase BAG TAGS  for $4 or less.  Adam will continue pursuing the item FOR NON GOLFERS by meeting with the owner of T-shirts, ETC.about shirts.  He will report progress at the June meeting.

Bruce is continuing his consolidation of founding documents and by laws but hopes to complete his task by year’s end.

Leonard reported that Marc Williamson will set up a meeting with the FHS Athletic Director and the Billie Boosters to meet with Leonard Janie,Jim and Bruce.

Drive, Pitch and Putt

Chris reported this endeavor is well on its way with LBJGC, Boot Ranch and Riverhill.  He estimates the cost for the six events to cost in the range of $200 per student  This includes 2 meals at each courses, a shirt and water.  CHRIS WILL LOOK INTO THE PRICE OF CAPS. Those who can’t afford it will referred to FOLB for aide.  Next Wednesday at 4 pm at Boot Ranch will be the first DPP tryouts.  We are all invited to participate and provide safety assistance.

Parting  comments by Leonard

He will be gone most of June and asked Jim to chair the meeting.

He asked for information about spreading Junior Golf info and was told of the usefulness of Facebook and other social media.  Also how quickly Wednesday’s photo was disseminated.  Our solution is to take more photos and continue this means of communication. He said he will contact Glenn Herzog and see if he will consent to take more photos.

It was moved and approved to adjourn at 6:30.

Ron Moerbe, Secretary

April 2018 Board Meeting

June 3, 2018


Board of Directors

April 19, 2018

Meeting called to order at 5:35, Cardinal Room, Lady Bird Club House

Present were Leonard Bentch, Adam Starr, Dennis and Donna Henke, Brad Schneider, Bruce Reeh, Eric Zey, Janie Schneider-Guines, Ron Moerbe, Brian Fairchild and Jimmie Lukacs, non-voting.

Minutes of the April meeting accepted as submitted.

Financial:  Donna reported a total of $953.40 total funds, $341.86 in the general fund and $953.40 in foundation.  Leonard opined we should set up a separate account for the 501C3 portion to further separate the funds, especially in view of the anticipated volume of foundation funds.  This was agreed upon and Donna, the registered agent will do so.  Leonard said he will submit documents to the bank to set up a separate account.

Junior Golf:

Budget proposal provided by Brian is estimated at $250,000 for three years which includes remuneration to the pros for services rendered including uniforms, clubs. entry fees, and snacks.  The goal is to raise matching funds.  The letter request goes in next week.  Janie will promote the junior golf results and report back.


  • Leonard sorted thru our member’s email addresses and identified 137 who have ever belonged. Eric agreed to contact those no longer active and attempt to win them back.  He will report back.
  • Adam will work with Chris concerning bag tags for members as well as other incentives. He will report back.
  • Website issue has not been resolved due to Touchstone not having their portion running. We should use the website for transmission to members.  Forward traffic to Leonard.
  • Leonard will check the website Pay Pal portal and update it to receive donations.
  • Brian mentioned getting FOLB members to volunteer at golf courses for unskilled labor for pay or for donating the proceeds to the Foundation. Brian will follow up and discuss it with Chris.
  • The question was raised about the possibilities for grants. Leonard will question Clinton Bailey.  He will also contact Marc about speaking to the Billy Booster Club as a source of additional funds.
  • Eric says we need marketing to change perceptions about golf and the golf course. It was decided the May meeting will devoted to marketing tactics.
  • It was decided to join the Chamber next year after we have gained more visibility.
  • The board also discussed delving into the possibilities of joining the drive/chip/putt contests for possible fund-raising possibilities and developing a “team mentality or concept.” Adam will further explore these concepts with Chris and report back.
  • Brian will speak to Mary Carriker of First Tee in SA about the many positive precepts involved in golf that enhance young morals and ethics as well as her experience with developing teams.
  • Bruce will review Bylaws of INC and Foundation and recommend changes needed to make them conform to procedures. He will report back.

Adjourned 6:45

Ron Moerbe, Secretary

FOLB Board of Directors Feb 8, 2018

February 9, 2018


Meeting called to order at 5:34 by Jerry Fischer.  Those present Donna and Dennis Henke, Adam Starr, Bruce Reeh, Brian Fairchild, Brad Schneider, Jim Penn, Chris Mead, Leonard Bentch, and Ron Moerbe.  Donna reported $600.22 in the General Fund.  Bruce volunteered to make copies of our membership forms.  Donna reported the new mailing address for FOLB is 341 Golfer’s Loop thus saving us several hundred dollars annually.  Discussion was held pertaining to various roles for the upcoming annual meeting on March the seventh.  Ron will meet with Touchstone concerning refreshments for the meeting.  Audio, visual will be Russell Immel.  The order will be vote on changing by-laws followed by election of officers, after Jerry introduces Brad, Jim and Brian and allows them time for elaboration.  Following this Jerry will introduce Chris and Clinton and they will each have a presentation.

The remainder of the meeting was involved with junior golf. Donna asked if anyone had researched UIL regulations concerning spending large amounts of money on student golfers and Jim said he had a letter from them stating there were no restriction as long as we gave the same treatment to all.  No distinctions to sex, race, instruction or religion. Ron will contact Mark Williamson, acting superintendent of schools concerning how best to contact students and parents about our new and expanded junior golf program. Jerry will have signs made, as needed, for the meeting being held by Touchstone on 22 Feb. and any we may need at the various schools. Arrangements were made to contact all private schools in the area.

Chris expounded on the fact that Touchstone is extremely interested in promoting junior golf and he is too.  Especially since he has children in the local system. Jim, Brian and Brad are all members at Boot Ranch and expressed a strong desire to support the program by raising funds and providing” boots on the ground”.  They mentioned that Immel Hale Director of Golf at Boot Ranch is strongly supportive and eager to restore the reciprocal program that worked so well in the past and resulted in numerous scholarships.  All in all it was a meeting filled with positive, vigorous discussions and promises to be an exciting meeting in March.

FOLB Board Meeting January 2018

January 23, 2018


Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm. Present were Jerry Fischer, Judy Chase, Adam Starr, Dennis Henke and Ron Moerbe.  March was discussed and agreed upon as the preferred date for the annual meeting.  Notice to the local paper is due two weeks prior. Jerry will handle the notification.  We must have elections.  Judy, Jerry and Ron are term limited out without amending the bylaws.  The board will propose to amend Article Four Section 4.1 to exclude the sentence “The term for each Director shall be three teams.”  Several prospective Board members are Leonard Bentch, Judie Allen, Jim Penn, Doug Featherstone, Ron Moerbe.  Donna Henke suggested researching whether the city will allow us to have FOLB mail delivered to the Pro Shop since our current box at the Post Office is costing $161 annually and the cheapest available is $94 and no important mail is delivered there.  Dennis said he would handle the chore.  He will talk to Chris and Clinton Bailey.  Treasurers report states $141.86 in the Foundation Fund and $458.36 in the General.  Since no quorum was available no votes were taken and meeting adjourned at 6:30.